ALEXANDRE PATO says he feels good physically and is not afraid to be a take charge, or take penalties.

The world hasn’t seen the real Pato in a long time – too long perhaps and Pato is perhaps starting to lose his champion status as in the last years he has been struggling with injuries and never found his old form.

Ale was poor again on Sunday when Milan played Fiorentina; the Brazilian missed a decisive penalty and was subbed off in half time. Pato says taking penalties isn’t a problem and he is thinking about Napoli.

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“It didn’t go as expected against Fiorentina,” Pato told the Milan Channel. “We lost 3 points at home, but we’re already thinking about the match against Napoli on Saturday. It was a special match, and we can’t throw away points like that. Now we have an important match against Napoli and we must win it.

“The Fiorentina match was a very important match. I’m sad about the penalty and the defeat. I’m a penalty taker and I’m not afraid of failing. If we get another penalty kick, then I will take it. I can’t say that I didn’t put all of myself into that penalty because I always practice on scoring from penalties in training. The day before the match, I took a penalty in training and I scored, but it went badly against Fiorentina.

“If we get a penalty against Napoli, then I will try to take it again and hopefully I’ll score. We stepped onto the pitch with the objective to win but it was difficult to face Fiorentina who have won many matches. They play very good football, and Montella had prepared them in an excellent way. Now we must forget about that match and focus on ourselves and the Napoli match. We will try to win even though it’ll be difficult.

“It’s impossible not to hear the fans whistle in the stadium, but I agree with them. I know it’s hard for the fans as they’re used to great victories and important titles, but we’re in a development phase. Many champions have left, and we’re trying to do our best, but unfortunately we have lost some matches. But we’re improving. I understand the fans, but we always try to give it our all. We always try to win and make our fans happy. I’m sure that the Milan fans are close to the team, and that they will never leave us.

“Curva Sud Milano represents the heart of the fans. They’re magnificent, just like all the Milanisti. They’re the 12th man on the pitch. We must do well for all the Milan fans,” added the 23-year-old Rossoneri striker. “I just heard that there have been reports about the fans attacking my car while I was in it, but it’s not true. Nothing happened. I left San Siro like I always do. I don’t know why they have written these things.

“I can only say that criticism is normal and acceptable, but the things that have been written never happened. I’ve returned after a long time, but in a way I can’t say that I’ve returned because I never left. I’m always here at Milanello, working hard, and I’ve returned to playing again, which is what makes me happy.

“When everything is going well then I’ll return to being a 100% fit again. I feel really well physically, and it will be up to Allegri to decide whether to play me or not. I have a good relation with Allegri, and we’re working together to win. Those who say that I’m afraid are probably saying it because they don’t know me. The only time that I’ve been afraid was when I was 10 years old and risked losing my arm. I have never felt so calm as I’m feeling now. I’m working well and I’m in a great team with wonderful fans: I only want to play.”

Urby Emanuelson has admitted that Milan still don’t have a solid base of players and the team is rotating a lot. Pato has found himself in the starting XI and on the bench this season but believes things will improve.

“We’re trying to find the tactical formation that suits us the best. We’re lacking a bit of continuity, and unfortunately we’ve lost some matches, but we’re improving. Perhaps it will take a few matches, but we will return to winning titles again, with the fans by our side,” Pato continued. “We have changed the tactical set-up a lot. Robinho is returning. He’s a good person and a champion. Milan are counting on him to return.

“Robinho can help Milan a lot, and can add a lot of technique, quality and speed to the team. Napoli just got an important win, while we just lost. But we’re gritty and we will fight until the end in order to return to winning. It will be a difficult match as it’s always difficult to play in the San Paolo stadium, but we will try to bring home the 3 points,” concluded Pato, who’s scored Milan 62 goals since joining from Internacional.

Pato used to be someone you can count on to score a goal or make the right move at the right time but over time, the fans and perhaps the club, have lost patience with Pato who needs to rediscover himself.

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