Tassotti: “I see myself in De Sciglio”


MAURO TASSOTTI and France Baresi have praised Mattia De Sciglio and expect great things for him.

De Sciglio has become a fixed player in Milan’s first team over the past two seasons and he’ll continue his growth this season as he’s expected to play much more games this year compared to the 2011/2012 term.

Mattia, who turns 20-year-old on October has made himself a regular in the Under 21 Italian national team and even got a call-up from the first team and Prandelli. De Sciglio is now getting praise from legends.

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“Obviously, I keep an extra eye on Mattia De Sciglio as he plays the same role as I used to play,” Milan assistant coach and legend Mauro Tassotti told La Gazzetta dello Sport“We’ve always believed in De Sciglio – right from the start. De Sciglio has amazed us since his first training sessions with the first team.

“It was only logical to make De Sciglio a fixed part of the first team due to his performances in training. I see myself in De Sciglio. He has a bit of my characteristics; a mix of athleticism and technique – and also the same stamina.” Tassotti was part of the legendary Milan team which was captained by Franco Baresi (both defenders retired in 1997). Baresi also has kind words for the possible new Milan defense star.

“I hope that De Sciglio will have a long career at Milan. He has the qualities to achieve it,” Baresi told Milan Channel. Cesare Maldini, the father of Paolo and former player and coach, added on him: “Physically I see he’s already well, and I like the personality and mentality with which he took the field in these last games.

“My feeling is that he’s a young player that will go a long way. I don’t know if he can follow in the footsteps of Paolo, you can’t compare the two. De Sciglio is very young and still has much to prove. But I’m glad because he’s a serious and humble guy. I’ve met his family and I can say that they are good people who know how to help the boy. He has an excellent starting point,” Maldini senior continued on the full back.

Ignazio Abate is expected to return in time for the Atalanta match so De Sciglio is likely to start from the bench next Saturday, unless Massimiliano Allegri decides to give him a go in a less-familiar left-back role.


  1. Sucks because we have 2 really good right backs but suffer in some other aspects in defence. I hope he gets a run out at left back at some point this season to see how he does,

  2. I think Berlusconi is over the Moon about this, he think let him develop 2 years more and then i Will sell him in order to “balance” the books. And my fans Will Do nothing, they are stupid. I could sell milan to Inter my fans wouldnt even understand.

    This goes to “we beleive in management” fans

  3. I guess every Milan fan loves De Sciglio and likens him to become as important as Maldini to Milan but will Allegri realize that and give plenty of opportunities to him and get the best out of him is still to be seen, The ball is in Allegri’s court ,so lets see what he can do to De Sciglio…..

  4. Great words, gives me more hope about him. Especially when our very own legends comment this, and of course Tassotti who sees how he does in training and matches every day.
    With Abate back I hope De Sci will get playing time on the left as well. I think that was the case with Paolo, he had Tassotti on the right and he was too talented for the bench so he played on the left instead.
    Good luck to him!

  5. Can someone please tell me what Abate does better than De Sciglio? I don’t understand how Abate/De Sciglio even can be a choise for Allegri.

    The only thing Abate has, in my opinion, is incredible speed. (Super) speed is also the ONLY thing De Sciglio lacks. And rutin of course.

    Please Mr, let De Sciglio develop even further on the pitch and bench Abate. Or put him on the left flank and let him spread his crosses there instead, what difference does it make?

    • I completely agree with you, but would you rather play Abate on the right with De Sciglio on the left, or De Sciglio on the right with Antonini on the left?
      Antonini has been good so far, and he has his moments of magic when he performs worthy of the Milanshirt but has lapses of concentration, Abate makes mistakes as well but he performs on a more consistent basis.
      But I hope with De Sciglio getting this much recognition that Abate gets even more motivated and puts more focus into improving his game. His crosses, for example, have improved, if you remember his games in the Euros.
      Just my opinion, what do you think?

      • Abate’s crosses have improved, yes. I still don’t think they are as good as De Sciglio’s though.

        About who we should bench of Antonini and Abate I’m not the one to ask. Both alternatives has upsides and downsides.

  6. U guys shuld stop comparing n critizing abate,besides his nt yet in form n is still recovering….am nt say sciglio is nt gud bt lyk it or nt abate will always remain 1st chioce at long as his nt injured.Abate somtyms can b way word while playin n cn make silly mistakes bt his still vry gud n if he wasnt he wuldnt hav been italy’s 1st chioce as ryt back…and without any doubt his soooooooooooooooooooo fast,till nw i still gt amazed by his pace… remeba nt all defenders cn stop pacey CR7 lyk abate did 2011 C.L..sciglio tym will cm

    • totally agree with you in fact i believe abate is one of the best right backs in the world at the moment even if he makes a few mistakes here and than but he is still out best full back but you have to admit de sciglio is really talented and he played so much like zambrotta has his pace and his physique and the fact that he can and HAS TO play at left back makes him even better and hes a lot better than antonini.

      abate, mexes, zapata, de sciglio is our best defence at the moment and we need to forget about getting a new left back because we have de sciglio and we have antonini to cover both full back positions when needed plus didac is also a player to watch when he plays

  7. There are many right backs better than abate in the world.de sciglio will sure grow only if allegri gives him more playing time. I hope tassotti and baresi saying this is to drum it in allegri ears that this lad must get playing time.

  8. To me’ de sciglio is better dan abate nw.. Abate is a good player, no doubt. But even if abate is in his best form, de sciglio wil stil be better. The reason is because, he has better passing, deffensives skills, nd accurate crosses than abate.. He reminds me of cafu., and hes confident with the ball aswell. So, since theres no more silva which was my favourite player before he left’ de sciglio is nw my favourite player in milan. Wish you good luck’ mattia de sciglio. Ac milan for better for worse.forza milan.

  9. Right, Kess. i agree. abate should improve his passing skills and his understanding with other players. somehow, i think that de sciglio is tactically better. allegri know better than milan fans who should start between abate and de sciglio.

  10. Mattia is much better than Abate especially with the crosses and ball control. He seems more assured on the ball than the latter. He could play on the left and leave Abate on the right that could give defensive solidity to Milan.
    I also think Milan has played quite well with Francesco Acerbi with the center. With more playing time he could prove a better prospect than Mexes who is quite inconsistent.


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