Milan: Allegri threatened to resign?


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has threatened to resign after the Ze Eduardo episode according to reports.

Most experts agree that Milan are going to have a tough season as they have sold their two best players as well as Antonio Cassano and while other teams have gone stronger, Milan appear to be much weaker.

The pre-season was so-so for Milan and the league starts in two days at Stadio San Siro against Sampdoria but even Massimiliano Allegri knows Milan are unlikely to win the Scudetto in this season.

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Adriano Galliani and Allegri had a fall-out earlier this month after Milan’s embarrassing defeat to Real Madrid 5-1 in New York. According to La Repubblica Sport, the Milan Vice President and Milan coach had similar incident this week following the almost-signing of Ze Eduardo from Genoa on loan with option.

Ze Eduardo was asked to have a trial by Allegri before signing so he can see if the player is worthy of Milan but Ze Love refused and the deal fell through. The reports suggest that Allegri had no idea who Ze Eduardo is. “I don’t know what type of player Ze Eduardo is. He’s likely to be in the stands a lot,” Allegri reportedly said. Massimiliano is apparently angry with Galliani who didn’t consult him about Ze Love.

La Repubblica even suggests that Allegri threatened to resign from his post as Milan’s coach. Allegri is reportedly keen on a defensive midfielder, but Galliani insists on signing another forward, probably Kaka.


  1. I back allegri in this one, we dont need striker, even thought ze eduardo would be a good replacment for pato, and please sell pato he is costing us money and that money could be spend to reinforce the team, since we are short of money. Allegri is right to do this.

  2. i don’t think the mgt or mr g or berlusconi hates milan. What i think is happening is that they don’t use the right principles anymore, they use out dated principles. It doesn’t make sense to buy a player without first getting the approval of the coach. Like i said we need to stop living in the past, we have to be a morden team using morden principles of mgt. Berlusconi needs to shake things up in the mgt team. He should’ve noticed there are problems when players like flamini and muntari were second to ibra (which suprised every body) in wages, and guys like boateng were at the bottom of our wage list. This showed that our mgt is asleep, and this particular incident painted bad our good name. SERIOUSLY BERLUSCONI NEEDS TO UPDATE AND MONITOR OUR MGT NOT ONLY THE SQUAD. How long have mr g and braida been our directors? They were used to having piles of cash to dig from in the past to buy stars from other teams ignoring young unknown players with the potential to become stars and now that we don’t have the money their weaknesses are clearly seen. It’s obviouse now that leonardo was the guy we should’ve kept in the mgt team. I’m not saying mr g and braida should be fired, i’m saying they need help sqauting players, and they need to change their principles, we cannot afford to lose their undoubtedly superb negotiation skills and great rapport with many teams. I read on where one of our sqauts says he informed braida about jovetic way back before fiorentina came, and he ignored it. Maybe he was busy ‘sqauting’ champions like ronaldinho at barca and beckam. If it wasn’t for that kind of flawed mentality and transfer principles, we’d have jovetic and we’d have saved a lot of money. Right now mr g is focusing on a 30year old champion from madrid named kaka, and napoli are busy sweating for a 19year old el khadouri. Years back napoli were sweating for hamsik, when we were sweating for ronaldinho. Now in 3years from now, el khadouri will be a star, and kaka will be slowing down our midfield, and w’ll have wasted €15m on kaka plus his price tag. Milan has a lot former players arround the world whom i’m sure can do a great job spotting talent, if only braida and galliani would stop focusing on champions from other teams, and start focusing on creating our own players.

    Now on allegri. I too find it difficult to understand how pato spend a month with the brazillian NT without a scar but just when he gets to milan he doesn’t last a week. Allegri needs stop training our players like worriors, and start drilling their technic instead of physic.

    • @Cyborg : Great analysis Bro ! Is there any way we as big fans can convey our aspiration to the Mr B and G (aka the management ) ? I cannot just sit watching our beloved ACMILAN like this. We as a fans must do something !

  3. i tink cyborg has represented us on dis particular issue wit is further complains bcos it wil mak no difference.nice one cyborg(vandam)

  4. Allegri is right and i supoort him too, we need DM(De jong or lass) compare to average player milan have(traore,muntari,flamini,constant) all ds player can’t even sit on bench @ big terms except milan. Mr. G is the problem to the term, see him bringing a striker on Genoa bench to replace Ibra who can’t even goal for his term. Allegri is best dt milan can, which coach(best) in d world can play with this average milan player even mourihno/Gadio/Ancelo/Rij/Fergie can’t play with them on the pitch. Allegri try to use them but that stupid Mr. G continue to threaten him, you see it all against Barca in the champion league even with messi,inesta,xavi,pique,sanchex, if he had a term like Barca,Madrid,Baryern,Man city… He will win everytime. Milan need some players-CB(astori/ogbonna),DM(de jong),AM(kaka), young FW, with them we can compet with other both in the champion league and seria A,coppa italian.


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