MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has threatened to resign after the Ze Eduardo episode according to reports.

Most experts agree that Milan are going to have a tough season as they have sold their two best players as well as Antonio Cassano and while other teams have gone stronger, Milan appear to be much weaker.

The pre-season was so-so for Milan and the league starts in two days at Stadio San Siro against Sampdoria but even Massimiliano Allegri knows Milan are unlikely to win the Scudetto in this season.

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Milan-Genoa talks over Ze Eduardo collapse

Adriano Galliani and Allegri had a fall-out earlier this month after Milan’s embarrassing defeat to Real Madrid 5-1 in New York. According to La Repubblica Sport, the Milan Vice President and Milan coach had similar incident this week following the almost-signing of Ze Eduardo from Genoa on loan with option.

Ze Eduardo was asked to have a trial by Allegri before signing so he can see if the player is worthy of Milan but Ze Love refused and the deal fell through. The reports suggest that Allegri had no idea who Ze Eduardo is. “I don’t know what type of player Ze Eduardo is. He’s likely to be in the stands a lot,” Allegri reportedly said. Massimiliano is apparently angry with Galliani who didn’t consult him about Ze Love.

La Repubblica even suggests that Allegri threatened to resign from his post as Milan’s coach. Allegri is reportedly keen on a defensive midfielder, but Galliani insists on signing another forward, probably Kaka.

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