Milan: Only 19,283 season-tickets sold so far


MILAN HAVE sold less than 20k season-tickets so far, which is the lowest figure since Silvio took over.

The fans are not convinced to say the least. Milan have sold their two biggest stars – Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva this summer – but haven’t done much to replace them, splashing just €4.9 mil so far.

The players, as well as the fans, are waiting for news in regards to the transfer market as they still hope for 2-3 more signing but every reported option seems to be unfavourable to the fans or out of Milan’s reach.

El Shaarawy: “Happy to have made it to the Azzurri”
Bronzetti: “Kaka, Lass to Milan is unlikely”

According to Tuttosport, the fan’s discontent is displayed very well in the season-tickets figures. To date, 19,355 have been sold, but 72 of the season-ticket holders asked for their money back and got refunded so at the moment, just 19,283 people are holding a season-ticket – an all-time low in Berlusconi’s era.

Last season, the year after the Scudetto, 31,156 season-tickets were sold, and in fact – just twice in Silvio Berlusconi’s Milan history, the number of the sold season-tickets was below 30,000. The first time was in Leonardo’s 2009-2010 season (27,865 season-tickets) after Kaka was sold to Real Madrid and in 2010-2011, Allegri’s Scudetto season (28,754). This year is likely to be a new negative record for Milan.

Milan have a chance to save themselves until the end of the mercato as a big signing would boost sales. These numbers are not suited for a club in the size of Milan although the financial crisis plays a part too.

The number of season-tickets sold in Silvio Berlusconi’s era at Milan (screenshot from Tuttosport)


  1. If you buy and pay your players like Palermo, you will have the same chances of winning and attractiveness as Palermo. they should come up with better excuses as the PFF one is too lame… many other Italian teams are spending.

  2. we really need the stadium for ourselves in the coming years… it will really change things.. or get some foreign companies to invest…der are soo many things we can do…BUT PLEASE SUPPORT THE TEAM NO MATTER HOW BAD THE SITUATION!!!DON’T LOSE HOPE FELLOW MILANISTI!!!

  3. We dont need people who just want to be there when we win. I look at this in another way.

    There are 19,283 REAL fans who support the club no matter what! The ones who did not renew their ticket have shown their true nature: They are just glory hunter fans who only come to the stadium when we win. But thankfully, there are about 20.000 who support the team in these tough times.

  4. my friend mike , when you don’t buy season tickets you are demonstrating your frustration , miscontent , we are all true rossoneri . Didn’t you ever thought why didnt galliani or milan give maldini a job/post after he retired , because these are selfish man, they want to stay at the helm of this company , but Milan need new blood , milan need maldini.
    Just remember that the likes of maldini , baresi , papin , ruud gullit , seedorf , pirlo , van basten , sheva , … etc played for milan it is a shame now . Milan known for there defense for decades now have bonera acerbi antonini as starters great !!!!

    • But we do not have revenue to get these type of players anymore. Read the accounts of the club:

      It is stated in black and white that Milan need to cut wages and sell in order to be sustainable. They don’t just sell the players for fun. It is because the club does not generate enough money. And one of the key factors to this, is the fact that the stadium is half empty.

      Why people don’t just read the accounts and understand this is beyond me. One cannot be blind to hard core facts that the club needs to regroup.

      As Gazzetta reported in may, Berlusconi put in 30 mio euro of his own money just to pay the wages of the players. If he had not done that we would have gone bankrupt.

      If the fans fail to support the club now where the money is most needed they are a part of the problem and not the solution.

      New people in the management wont get us more revenue.

      • but these guys are responsible for generating more revenue while the likes of Madrid, Barca and Bayern have steamed ahead, that’s why we’re so annoyed at their incompetance

  5. So a season ticker holder who decided not to buy this year since over 20yrs is a glory hunter? Even unions strike when companies get it wrong. The truth is Milan aint seen nothing yet until noone buys d ticket at all. Stupid management

    • u are definitely right, from figures of over 31,000 to 19,000 plus almost 10000 fans are glory hunters. becos u keep quite that those not make u a true supporter…there is poor management plain and simple

  6. So…after we know they are glory hunter or not, what happened ?? Glory hunter or not…this is a reflection for Milan’s management…they failed to convince fans with their plan…

  7. keep it up, and in a couple of years milan build a cheap new stadium bc they only need fit in about 20,000 attendance.

    or maybe play at a local high schoo, much cheaper and better then an empty san siro

  8. i hear ppl speak of what they know little or nothing about. It surely does not bode well with any of us that milan is selling (just a temporary measure), but what will you rather tolerate: milan of now – a low cost milan – or a milan in lega pro? Did you just say impossible? We thought the same about fiorentina before they were forcefully relegated for bankrupcy. Lazio barely survived. You didnt know right? I bet you were too young to understand back then. Forza milan!

  9. New stadium is also the case a big champions leg club like milan shuold b selling all there ticket evry season is bco’s no new moden stadium.milan is the only CHAMPIONS LEAUG club of there calibal i ‘ve seen or saw that has no stadium.

  10. Why would you think that the fans are glory hunters because they are not buying tickets. Loyalty is the highest quality and the management are taking advantage of that. The fans are been mistreated.

    • how are we being mistreated? by trying everything they can to keep the club running? by focusing on younger players (something all the fans here have been screaming for since god knows when)? by trying to avoid automatic champions league disqualification? or are you trying to say that the management should put up polls on the website, ask ‘which player do you want to buy?’ and then go for whoever the fans want even if he costs 200million? berlusconi and his company are facing a financial crisis right now, and not just the global one. have you all forgotten the 500+ mil fine they had to pay? they can’t spend right now. you should be happy they even covered our losses, instead of getting angry on them for not buying Tevez and half of the madrid team.

      • please don’t be naive and a Berlusconi yes man. If they wanted to they would have prepared contingency plans With all of Berlus cash he still refused to build a stadium and now because of bad business he did for 20 years ago it hits back on Milan while they still are sucking their fans dry. If he can’t handle AC Milan he should sell it. Berlusconi has used AC Milan as a puppet for his own gain and nothing else. Before he bought Milan he wanted to buy Inter.

  11. the only solution for this problem is to build an new 60.000 stadium like arsenal, sell the name rights of the stadium to fly emirate for example: emirates arena, sell 20% of milan, invest the next 3-4 in youth players to build a team for 2016 until then is our stadium ready and then we can get new better sponsors 20-25 mil per year 2016 we can sign 2-3 superstars until 2016 el sharaawy, de sciglio, gabriel, cristante, acerbi and other young players will be soild and maybe star players

    i know it sounds like football manager…but am i wrong???

    if we want to be a solid club in financial/sporting aspect we need a plan and vision

    with new stadium and areal (shoping mall, museum…) we can manage the ffp also

  12. Why shd a rational human being buy a ticket just to watch mediocres play. Our mgt doesn’t respect us anymore. They do whatever they like with the team. Why shd they even think of boriello. Am suprise ppl are buying the ticket,don’t they know what to use their money for. By next season 10 people will buy the ticket. The mgt is visionless and shd be loaned out to Padova b’cos that where they belong with their ideas an policies.

  13. Hahaha 19,283,I was expecting less than 10,000,I wouldn’t blame the fans for not buying the tickets.I will blame the management for their lies and disrespectfullness

    Why are German clubs run so well? They run better because the club is accountable to the fans,If ticket prices rise too much,then the fans rally for a boycott,And if the club goes for unacceptable sponsors then the fans would stay home.The clubs know this so they listen to the cries of their fans.
    Just recently Weder Bremen went for Wiesenhof chicken meat company for sponsorship…The fans has told them to reject it becos they will not accept it and the club has agreed.This how things have to be done

  14. I understand the problems our team have with the money as i have the same problems with it too but on the other end i understand the supporters too. For me is stupid to start thinking with the wallet of someones else but we as
    supporters are not made of stone and because we care about the team we say what we say (good or bad). Now we are in the middle of the storm, the question is how long is going to last??? I know for sure that is going to end and those warm sunny days will be back, so until than we have nothing else left to do except support our Milan with a broken hart & pocket and hope for a little help from God.
    No meter what MILAN IS MY FAMILY, MY COLORS, MY DREAM and i will be 100% with the team no meter what ( except when i get drunk and i dont know who i am 😀 )

  15. Finnivest must paid 500 millions because they didn’t do the bussiness in the right track…so why Milan must paid the consequence ?? If B and G can’t afford or running the club…they can sell it. Why must they force themself to covers the loses for many years..
    Sensi family who was running Roma for long time had good heart to sell the clubs. They can’t running Roma again so they sold it. They didn’t want Roma to falling down.
    I knew B and G had made Milan to become one of the most successful club in the I think they don’t want to see Milan falling down…If they love Milan very much…

    • no one’s going to buy Milan, even if we offer it to them, so forget about berlu selling it. and milan suffers whenever fininvest suffers because fininvest’s money is used to finance milan

  16. Wow people really need to relax. The economy in Italy is collapsing and you want people to buy tickets to go watch football really. Its nothing to do with Zlatan or Thiago this was coming.

  17. I think there is more to the drop in season ticket holders than people showing discontent at the clubs transfer activity. Even frustrated supporters will still buy a ticket. From 2008-2009 to 2009-2010 there is almost a 20,000 drop which coincides with the whole world going into financial turmoil. Italy’s economy isn’t doing well at the moment and was subject to a bail out. It would appear the real reason is that people/families can’t afford tickets like the did 10 years ago. Milan need to have international supporter kits to bring in revenue.

  18. Must say the year of 71000 season tickets sold was amazing,the years of the invisibles I assume,must have been packed stadiums all the time wish I saw that:).

  19. This have nothing to do with the Italian economy,Juventus have already sold all their tickets

    The fans don’t want to buy because they are not happy with what is going on so don’t try to make any excuses

  20. I don’t consider the fans’ reaction aberrant, rather a most effective means to ventilate the lugubrious and doleful condition apropos the management’s decision to imperil the club’s worth. HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN? I do hope that the club retains it’s virility with her mediocres. This is patently a proof of Newton’s third law of motion that ‘to every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction’

  21. Victor.
    I don’t consider the fans’ reaction aberrant, rather a most effective means to ventilate the lugubrious and doleful condition apropos the management’s decision to imperil the club’s worth. HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN? I do hope that the club retains it’s virility with her mediocres. This is patently a proof of Newton’s third law of motion that ‘to every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction’

  22. And berlu thought selling silva and ibra will make their financial statement look better but what he ddint realize that will impact the ticket sales and look at us now , we made a major loss now and their goes the money into the drain that we made through selling our stars !

  23. to be honest the subscriptions were this much even with thiago and zlatan. only 72 ppl cashed in for a refund ! the economic situation in italy is horrible and it seems like until the eurozone is in a crisis italy will be as well. Although Juve’s stadium sold out, that team has risen after so long so naturally fans are excited. plus its only like 40,000. im sure we will have a few more subscriptions once kaka arrives but nothing over 23 or 25 which will still be a record low

    • Don’t use the economy as an excuse,Juventus fans are also living in Italy.

      Juventus has sold all their season tickets,the economy has nothing to do with this low ticket purchase,the fans are fed up with the way Management is running the club.

      • Yeah, but Juve fans are on a high. They have won a title after a long period of Serie B and Europa League, had an undefeated season, have a completly new high-end stadium (which does not have that big capacity) and are still buying more and more new players. That’s why they sold that many tickets.

  24. Mr B must spent more money for good signing like cb striker and kaka.i know the management have some financial problem.if he spend good more supporters will support.just like 1992-93.milan was worlds no 1 club than barca real madrid man city man utd. and kaka will join milan. 90 percent chance for milan management try to do everything to bring kaka back.

  25. looks like losses will still be made next season! We sold stars and didn’t extend contracts purely to decrease our deficit, however one thing we did have last season was fans at the matches but now we won’t even have that. One problem to the next, this is a real shame Silvio, you know that is the only reason why you tried to bring Kaka back purely to reboost the morale and hope of our fans but we can’t even bring him back, if you want to compete you have to make a loss! that’s the situation we are in unfortunately, we are no Arsenal which is the only reason i respect them.
    real shame here boys

  26. OMG look at 1992-93 almost 72.000 arsenals emirate stadium would filled up even the pitch would be filled up with those season ticket holders and look at today :/ berlusconi should just sell the club if he can’t run it properly

  27. B&G and also Allegri should understand that NOT ONLY THEY KNOW HOW TO BALANCE THE BOOKS EVEN THE FANS KNOW HOW TO BALANCE THEIR BOOKS, Milan management don’t have to worry about anything,The playing field is even now.
    B&G think only they know business and Allegri thinks he is the best coach for Milan, Poor guys probably haven’t understood that with the likes of Ronaldinho Nesta Pirlo TSilva Ringhio Seedorf they just didn’t lose the Merchandise sales but they also lost credibility.
    It’s hard to imagine how B&G go about selling their players for record transfer fee’s but expect other clubs to give them players for free or Loan with an option to buy ,payment of Installments in numerous years. And who in the right frame of mind call this a wise management.
    B&G might claim that they have saved wages worth millions of Euros or balanced their books but they wouldn’t understand that they have lost the GOODWILL FAITH TRUST & LOVE of the fans which is worth Countless Zillion Euros.

  28. we’re all waiting for the red&black knight rises..!! haha.. only 19k of true fans in Italy, thats sad.. i would still buying the season ticket if only i were living in italy


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