Highlights: Juventus 1-0 Milan | Inter 2-1 Milan


MILAN OFFICIALLY opened the pre-season games with an unimportant tournament: the Trofeo TIM. After Inter beat Juventus in the first game of the evening on the disgraceful pitch of the San Nicola stadium in Bari (45-minute games), Milan took on Juventus. Milan started well but the game got more balanced afterwards with an advantage for Juve. The Old Lady won a penalty after Bakaye Traoré’s tackle; Mirko Vucinic converted (31′). That was also the score at the end as Milan were unconvincing.

Juventus: Storari (Leali 25′); Masi, Lucio, Caceres (Lichtsteiner 45′); Pepe (Untersee 38′), Padoin, Vidal (Pazienza 25′), Asamoah, Ziegler; Boakye, Vucinic (Matri 43′).
Milan: Amelia; De Sciglio, Bonera, Yepes, Taiwo; Traorè, Ambrosini, Urby; Boateng; Robinho, El Shaarawy.

After losing to Juventus, Milan played town-rivals Inter. Coach Massimiliano Allegri did a lot of changes in the line-up and gave many youngsters playing time. Milan looked better than in the game against Juve, and Stephan El Shaarawy even scored a very nice goal 16 minutes into the game. However, Fredy Guarin brought Inter to the game with a great header (25′) and Rodrigo Palacio completed Inter’s comeback (34′); Francesco Acerbi is partly to blame for both goals. Traoré again did not impress. Milan lost the second game as well and Inter won the 2012 edition of the Trofeo TIM – the 8th time they win it.

Inter: Belec; Mbaye (Jonathan 20), Silvestre, Chivu, Nagatomo (Bianchetti 38); Zanetti, Guarin, Cambiasso; Palacio (Pasa 43), Coutinho (Benassi 43); Milito (Longo 28).
: Amelia (Pazzagli 22); Antonini, Acerbi, Albertazzi (Iotti 43′), Mesbah; Traorè (Prosenik 40′), Cristante, Valoti; Boateng (Carmona 23); El Shaarawy (Emanuelson 32),


    • Acerbi didnt even show 1% why he should be given same number as nesta. i think this is the begining of the end for milan. i think berlusconi and galliani is finished big times. allegri never was part of the game, hes useless with and without good players. so sorry milan, it hurts to see u go down this way. forza rossoneri.

      Berlu please step down

  1. It annoys me to see ambrosini depreciating milan. First game was a shame but the second was far better thanks to the yought players. Valoti, Carmona, Ganz, Crystante are the hope of milan. BTW traore, acerbi, emanuelson, mesba, taiwo should be sold for the betterment of the team.

  2. acerbi is so bad and traore is poor, mesbah omg.
    it pains me that t.silva has gone and to be replaced by acerbi, have u seen the state of him, people had to be quality to wear the milan shirt now u have to be free

    • Supporting whoever wears the Milan jersey is part of the true fans role! i would still buying the whole-season ticket if only im staying in Italy! it helps to increase Milan’s revenue from the gate receipt..
      Nowadays fans are very demanding but never really support the club.
      And physically i like traore, he’s fast.. the mistake he made was the result of nervousness and he will improve on that, his passing ability was the only thing that i think more important for him to improve..
      well, overall our young team wasnt that bad.. Give them time, 1-2 years maybe.. we’re a new team now, even Man.City with all their money won the EPL after so many seasons..

      • I bet your wife is cheating on you right now, and you would still kiss her. is that true love?

        milan learned me what love was, but now? its clearly that berlu isnt interested in milan anymore.

        and you want ppl to buy his season tickets when he treats fans like their were donkeys

        “100 staying” to “99.99% staying” to leaving on transfer.

        Thats just unproffesional, and i right now i wish berlu gets so broke so he gets forced to sell the club just the way he forced kaka, sheva, pirlo, t.silva OUT.

  3. First of all it wasn’t that bad.

    Acerbi is getting used to his role. I’m sure he was really nervous as well. Give him time. He wasn’t so highly rated for nothing.

    Traore made a mistake but otherwise looked like a solid squad player.

    Faraone will be our superstar. He was dangerous often and looked good.

    Personally i thought it was a decent first outing. BUTTTTT THANK GOD WE LOST! If we had won, Galliani wouldnt have felt we needed too much more. It’s obvious now to the world that Milan need something. The coming days will be interesting….

    Lewandowski ……..

  4. I honestly feel Ibra may not be missed as much as we all thought. Ibra leaving will allow players like Pato and SES to take of the shackles and truly express them self’s. As for the defense its a whole different story :/ B&G I hope u were paying attention.

  5. We need two CBs badly, first of all to force Acerbi to play better and fight for his place. Yanga Mbiwa should be one of them, as he reads the game really well and has great passing skills.

    A regista to take Ambrosini’s place too.

    Fernando for regista/cdm, Destro(work it with Genoa) and get another striker later, one of them could be in jan.

    Yanga Mbiwa, Fernando, and Destro. Go for the future……

    • so 7mil +1*2mil wages, 15mil + 3.5*2mil wages +25mil + either 2.5*2 or 5.5*2mil wages. so in total, that’s at least 61mil. we don’t have that money. simple as that.and that’s only 1 defender, 1 midfielder and one striker (from your list)

    • haha…leave the fools, mate.

      Acerbi was included in Serie A starting XI 2012 in the defence with Thiago Silva, beating the names of Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Lucio, Samuel, and even Nesta.

    • Yes he was great last season, and we all hope that he will stay the same.. he didnt seem fit vs Inter, always late to make a run and slow.. but he’ll improve for sure

  6. Im not sad about our defeats bcoz if we have won galliani said we have competetive squad but now he will think about things…

  7. A lot of people didn’t want Aquilani to stay, but looking at the way the mercato has been so far, I’m sure people are begging to have him back! I thought Traore was going to play as a dm, but he didn’t.

  8. Sence g& g want to develop our youth in to first team i lyk it even do we lose with tym we will b strong lyk barca.wen barca started real domineted the lige for yrs b4 barca had does sguard they won thier first cl 1991 till date they are still ontop of thier game so lets not expt 2much is not all about buying rather having that tradition in the youth.

  9. One more thing.

    Today i heard “Balada” from Gustavo Lima being played by a italian Tv.

    I laughed,I didn’t know that this song was a hit there.

    I’m brasilian and i found it very cool hehe.

  10. way to go milan. Beauty, acerbi our star. Mesbah brilliant. Taiwo wowowo. I lov this team this is amazing lol. Allegri galliani berlusconi together magic. Happens. Im outta here this is to painful.

  11. I’m happy we lost dis match…I pray Berlusconi and Galliani should look into dis coz I know Allegri have no say….encourage d youth players coz they are even better than those we bought for millions

  12. I’m Happy with Milan! I don’t care about ibra and silva! We are Milan!! No real madrid that need of cr7 or barca that also need of messi! We can play with they or without they! Yes, is really that they was important for the club but… i believ in Montolivo, in Cassano, i relly believ in Pato, and also i believ in Boateng!! I want to se more El92!! We need to be with Milan every day! In bad moments and in Good moments!! In champion one game going to be Milan – PSG and we are going to win 3 – 0, beocuse they play for money, we play for passion!!


  14. Why is everybody so desperate after a pre game nothing. They had more chance than Juve! Everybody is so against Acerbi or Traore….But I rememner Mexes made a penalty in a Primavera game for Milan….The game against Juve meant nothing…..

    As for whom to sell it is clearly Robinho!!! He still cannot shot for goal. missed 2-3 chances as always. He earns toooooo much for that crap he is doing.

  15. My will improve is see a bright future.couple of signing we are goo d to go ,1d 1mf,1fw them we see.if u want 2b critizing then please go join another club.as 4 d game it was a nice showing 4 all.

  16. Here we go again with the bashers seriously you guys are all dumbos that was acerbi’s first real match (not official) with his new team mates and secondly traore was just getting use to the standard of play in serie a and thirdly who was that that said we sucks? Man seriously did you notice that we were actually playing with our B team?? And the squad is missing names like pato,nocerino,abate,cassano?? And finally if you think that we are going down the drain plz do me a favour and jump ships i bet barca,madrid.man city and even PSG will gladly welcome you on board but don’t you come jumping back into supporting this team once we are done with serving the so called big teams the humble pie in the ucl.

  17. It is just 1st match after brake and some players still miss, they are on holiday because of euro 2012.And i am sure that we will sign 3 players-defender,regista and top striker.

  18. I am a big fan of Acerbi bcos i saw what he did at Chievo last season but after seeing this, am afraid guys but like some of us said its first game and i hope he proves himself else Mexes will be our unpredictable voltron

  19. Come on guys. Let’s wait for a while before complaining. Does anybody remember one of the first Thiago’s matches against Roma? Everybody was saying he was worse than Roque Junior and now he is one of the best players in the world. Yestarday’s was our first match after only ten days of training, Inter has to play in Europa league in few days, so that’s why was more fit than us. Who is not supporting Milan because we are selling players should become an Inter supporter!!

  20. We have no need for superstars in our team.
    El shaarawy, valoti, de scilgio and co are becoming better.
    We might need two or three new signings, YANGA-MBIWA (which milan is chasing, and is cheap), and Lewandowski (cheaper than dzeko and tevez, and a better finisher) or maybe Yarmolenko(but is a little overrated and overpriced).

    If Lewandowski comes Robinho must leave.

    • Totally agree with you. Let nurture our own youngsters, give El shaarawy, Valoti, De Scilgio the playing time and we’ll see what future holds for us. Maybe another Maldini …

      Don’t want B&G buy big names like they did with Ronaldinho, Robinho, Rivaldo, who contribute almost nothing to us except their well-known names and who do not identify with Milan. Bring some young talents like we did with Sheva, Kaka and Silva. No money should be wasted on those over the hill big names.

  21. We have guys at the top like Galliani and Berlusconi who so far haven’t shown us they have any sort of plan or strategy and still one of the worst managers in the league in Allegri, I really fear for the the team this season. The one bright point is that we do still have a few very good players (well at least 3) in Pato, El Shaarawy and Cassano. El Shaarawy has said his preferred position is a left forward and I think Pato’s best is a centre forward. If Robinho played on the right he wouldn’t have as many chances to score (therefore miss) and could focus on dribbling and assisting which he is really good at. But yeh, we still basically need a new midfield and defence.

  22. Acerbi played poorly. He MUST get better if Milan want to be competitive this year. Bonera and Yepes suprisingly looked solid.. KPB and SES played well

  23. Why so sad? Last year the winner of the trofeo tim was Inter so… you all know that they finished 6th and after all they started the preparation 1 week before us, so…
    Good things of Taiwo, a very good surprise, let Galliani buy the 3 players we need, and let’s see what we can do next year… We are not died.

  24. Better to use and promote youngster from Milan Academy. They play better than new player (traore and acerbi) and rubbish player (antonini, mesbah, taiwo, yepes). Don’t waste money to buy and to give salary for rubbish player.


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