Milan in talks to sign Rafael in January


RAFAEL CABRAL could join Milan in January as talks have already started, claims one of his agents.

Milan had Brazilian guests on Tuesday at the headquarters in via Turati as reportedly representatives of Santos and of their Brazilian goalkeeper Rafael were there to discuss Robinho, who Santos want to sign.

Santos denied sending delegates to talk with Milan for Robinho, but according to one of Rafael’s agents, Miler, the Rossoneri are interested in signing the 22-year-old ‘keeper in the January transfer market.

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Report: Milan consider Robinho unsellable

“Milan like Rafael and we’re in talks regarding the next transfer market window,” Miler told Sky Sport 24. “The price of Rafael is €6 million. Robinho? Santos like him but Milan consider him not for sale.” Rafael Cabral is considered a very bright upcoming prospect and he’ll represent Brazil at the Olympic Games.

The contract of Milan’s current first-choice keeper Christian Abbiati expires next summer and can perhaps leave then, so it’s possible that Milan would want to ensure already in January that they have a starting goalkeeper for the next season. Milan have also recently signed Gabriel, 19-years-old goalkeeper, from Brazilian side Cruzeiro. Gabriel, who comes as a non-EU player, is right now the third choice of Allegri.

Santos were prepared to offer Milan €4 million plus the ownership of Rafael for the services of Robinho.

Meanwhile, in more-Brazil related topics, the agent of Internacional striker Leandro Damiao is expected to land in Milan today and discuss a possible move for his client to Milan in the next days of this week.


  1. I just hope to see a good keeper who will keep our post from trouble. It’s good if we have him by january but not as part of robinho’s deal. We can make deal for ganso with binho. My only fear is babatov should not come to milan cos milan is link with him now.

  2. I think Milan should sell Bonera, Taiwo and Mesbah and sign both Rolando and Tasci. We need at least 2 players to challenge for the first team with Acerbi and Mexes and I dont see Bonera and Yepes doing that. For Left back we will have Vila and Antonini and even Urby if needed. Right back is already solid with Abate and DS. We should sell robinho as well and this is not a bad deal we will really need a goal keeper next year and this guy has potential to be world class. We will sign Dzeko or Tevez and we will still have a very strong attack with Sharawy, Pato, Cassano and a new striker which can be very versatile aswell as we can switch their positions very often. For Midfield we need just one more player that should be Strootman who can defend and distribute and still cheap.

    Rolando= 10m
    Tasci= 8m
    Dzeko/Tevez= 25m
    Strootman= 12m
    Rafael= 5m (Robinho deal)


    Robinho (Rafael + 5m) = 10m
    Mesbah= 2m
    Taiwo= 5m
    Bonera= 5m

    We can have a team that will have immense potential for for the next decade for around 40m and much lower wages.


    Abate(DS)- Roland(Tasci)- Acerbi(Mexes)- Vila(Antonini)


    Nocerino(Traore) Montolivo(Constant)

    Boateng (Sharawy)



  3. They haven’t solved the current problem infront of them and they are already talking about a keeper who won’t be signed until January..! Damn, can it get any worse than this?

  4. This is great news. Rafael is a great keeper. One of the best upcoming keeper around. I saw him play many times and I dont feel bad now that we didnt get Lloris or Handonvic!

  5. Actally we have Pazzagli with us right now, and Donnarumma on loan, both look to be great keepers, especially Donnarumma who has impressed, I don’t know why we won’t give them a chance.

  6. Whew why talk about GK when we are in dire need for a CB and a striker. Oh May be Galliani things that one of the GK’s will be used as a DM by Allegri. Gali needs to shut all this Bull$hit and get a proper CB within this week and the following week look for an agile active consistent unselfish striker. Even if we get god from Brazil it’s all in the hands of Allegri how he wants to play them.

  7. Milan should get rid of bonera, mexes,mesbah,taiwo, antonini,n robinho bcos rob finishing is below par,d defenders milan ve ur below average,i prefer berbatov 2 dzeko bcos is only good with head n milan dont ve wingers 2 give him such assist,but berbatov is good with is feet and head n can dribble

  8. We just signed Gabriel and Pazzagli (even though I never heard of him before he signed for us) and also have Donnarumma on loan. Why more goalkeepers? Don’t we have faith in any of these 3 young ones?


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