Official: Milan sign Traoré and Montolivo


AC MILAN have officially confirmed they have signed Bakaye Traoré and Riccardo Montolivo.

Milan have already announced on these signings but now the two players have put pen to paper, becoming the first two to join the Rossoneri in the summer transfer window. Both players arrive on a Bosman basis.

il Diavolo are working to refresh the ranks after some veterans that played a key part for Milan announced they’ll hang up their red & black boots and Milan’s rejuvenation projects continues with Traoré and Monty.

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“AC Milan signed Bakaye Traoré until June 30, 2015 and with Riccardo Montolivo until June 30, 2016,” Milan announced on Thursday. Traoré confirmed his move to Milan two weeks ago. His contract with Nancy was due to expire. It’s been known for months that Montolivo will join Milan after his Fiorentina deal ends.

Coach Massimiliano Allegri has already revealed he’ll use Montolivo – 27 – in the deep-lying playmaker role, while Traoré will be used as a side-midfielder. Both players are versatile and can play a few roles.

Benvenuto al Milan, Bakaye e Riccardo!


  1. still, it is not impressive for me. they came for free. berlusconi may has spent lots of money for milan but i still believe that milan don’t have enough money for signing a world class player for the next season. wish u all the best riccardo & bakaye.

  2. Yaya toure keen to leave man city! His agent said He would not cost so much! Plz amoo galliani…Buy this fantastic guy!

    • I soo agree there! I also hear Barca want Jodi Alba meaning Adriano might be available so Galliani should make a move there too.

  3. montolivo is great news because now we have someone that can serve our strikers with great passes so ibra doesn’t always has to go down in com position

  4. just one more creative midfielder and two more centerbacks would satisfy me..

    hope it will be Ganso, Acerbi, and Astori..

  5. Benvenuto al Milan, Bakaye e Riccardo

    Next :
    1 GK from youth
    1 CB Ogbonna, Astori, Acerbi
    1 MF Strootman, or Cavano/Pele from primavera
    1 AM Ganso or Kaka, or Merkel

    Forza Milan..

  6. gk mandanda. Sell amelia.. Cb ogbonna, astori. Sell bonera. Yepes contract 1 year. Lb aly cissokho or criscito. Sell mesbah, antonini. Urby compete lb pos. Mids nuri sahin. Sell muntari. cam ganso sell robinho. St sell ibra n get balotelli. Pato balotelli ganso behind. Wow. 3 21 yr olds, leading us to glory. Wowowowo.

  7. according to milannews and corriere, galliani set sight on Jan Vertoghen (ajax captain ), i think if we can make a move for him, Thiago Silva and Vertoghen will make the best duet CB! i believe vertoghen can replace nesta perfectly. My dream for milan signing next, would be:


    If Ibra leaves, then we can go for Van Persie

    • Vertonghen has also said that if Milan come for him then there’s no way he can say no. Would make perfect sense to sign him. Vertonghen & TS33 would be perhaps best defense in world. Would be true heirs to Nesta and Maldini.

        • Yup true say there. Best bet for us would be one of Acerbi/Astori considering that we only go for cheap or free options, and not to forget they are both Italian which I prefer especially if they are to be to the heir of legendary Nesta.

  8. Sell Ibrahimovic to Mancity and get us teves & Baloteli in exchange. Then get us Nuri Sahin & Acerbi and we are through for next season.
    With Baloteli & Tevez, our attack would be very competitive and all the attackers would do well and fight for place thereby having more options in cases of injuries and fatique. The team will also have flexibility in formations & lineups as we can play 4-3-1-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-1-3, 4-5-1 etc as all the attackers are capable of playing as center-forwards and wing-forwards i.e Balotelli, Pato, Teves, Elsharawy, Robinho & Cassano. But with Ibra, the formations would be rigid – only 4-3-1-2 and Ibta is never being substituted nor being rested . . . Only one attacker is chosen to play alongside Ibra and the rest always on bench. Hence tha attackers don’t have chances to prove themselves…
    Look at our match against Juventus(the 2nd leg), we outclassed them without Ibra because all the players proved themselves and the game was not concentrated to only one attacker/targetman (Ibra). Nbut all the other games with Ibra, we couldn’t do anything against Juve and even the other big teams, only Arsenal 1st leg.
    STARTING XI without Ibra but with Balotelli & Tevez.


    Elsharawy, Cassano & Robinho can be subs for the attackers as any of them can replace any of the others.
    Traore, Flamini, Muntari, Aquilani & Merkel can be subs for the midfielders.
    Bonera, Acerbi, Yepes, Desciglio & Antonini can be subs for the defenders.


    • What are they gonna prove. They are all mediocre players. Robinho misses clear chances. Pato is a weak and unreliable player who injures him self a lot. He has missed over 45 games because of his injuries. Cassano is still shady because of his heart. Maxi couldn’t even get a spot in Catania. A single game and you have figured all out. Don’t quit your day job.

      Sell Robinho to Santos, sell Pato to PSG Kick Aquilani Mesbah Taiwo Seedorf even Mexes. The dude gave FCB a free pass in CL for god sake.

      City will not give Tevez and Balotelli for Ibra, you been playing to much FM 2012. Use de Sciglio as fullback instead.

  9. Ted, actually the news said galliani already put eye on him and actually plan to make a bid. 16 mil isn’t that much I guess, I know we re not in good financial, but not that poor I think. Considering good relationship between ajax and milan.

    Let’s see until transfer windows closed. I still believe this milan will sped because they lost many talented players. And monty and traore comes for free. Remember when we re bashing management for bringing noone, 2years ago, yet they bring us ibra and robi. Just patient!

  10. Monty is more skillfull than pirlo. One more to go in the midfield. Ganso, Kigawa, Sahin, Eriksen, etc Mr G plssssssssssss

  11. €16m for vertongthen? LOL. milan even didn’t sign axel witsel for €12m last year. how can you say that 16m is not that much? is the money coming from the sky? LOL.

  12. Ricci’s wonderful!Just imagine him with Milan jersey!
    He’ll assist and Stiphy(El)’ll score!
    what a wonderful Milan!

  13. Coach Massimiliano Allegri has already revealed he’ll use Montolivo – 27 – in the deep-lying playmaker role

  14. yep dat tru, axel witsel 12m, i always said he would be a hit, but no. Now his price is 25m, way to go galliani, dis guy is mean.. But ai, we settle for freebies, and loanes, dats our policy now. Com on man, spurs offer 10m, r thay richer than us. Com on

  15. if there not prepared to buy players, sell the club, berlusconi is is billionaire, put money, buy a new stadium, generate new income, and we can compete with real madrid, they should hav thought about buying a new stadium for years. Now juve are the ones leading us… Woow.

  16. ac milan next season: Abbiati-Abate-Thiago-Mexes/Acerbi-Emanuelson/Mesbah-Montolivo-Nocerino-Boateng-Cassano-Ibra-Pato

  17. vertongthen will add extra value in our bacl line,sell bihno keep pato because time will com when he be injury frre and he will repay us.

  18. Plss guyz wake up!, galliani is looking for cheap and free players. But don’t stop wishing…i wish allegri best of luck next season.


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