Report: Acerbi to Milan via Genoa


FRANCESCO ACERBI will be bought by Genoa and then will be sent to Milan, according to reports.

Milan are moving closer towards signing Chievo defender Acerbi in the summer as rumours in the Italian media suggest a meeting took place at Milan’s headquarters in via Turati on Tuesday regarding Acerbi.

As reported by, Milan Sporting Director Ariedo Braida met with the Italian’s agent, Andrea Cattoli and with FIFA Agent Giuseppe Riso, who has been close to Milan since the Tevez-saga started.

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The three had a meeting at via Turati and then ate dinner at Adriano Galliani’s favourite restaurant ‘Giannino’ and reportedly agreed on the transfer of Acerbi to Milan. The player is co-owned by Chievo and Genoa. The Grifone, who are good business-friends with Milan, will buy Acerbi fully from Chievo for €4m.

It is thought that Enrico Preziosi will then send the former Reggina player to Milan for a fixed price or in exchange for players. It is only Acerbi’s first season at the first division in Italy and he attracted interest from a number of teams thanks to his performances. He has made it very clear after the game between Chievo and Milan that he would have wanted to move to Milan as he is a Milanista and has dreamt of getting there.

It looks like Acerbi’s dream will be come true next season.

In addition to Acerbi, Milan are also reportedly interested in Cesare Natali of Fiorentina. The center-back will be out of contract in the summer. Milan will refresh their lines as many players have expiring deals.


  1. they should also consider selling bhino to santos or trade for Ganso instead of buying Erikson and get Muriel from Lecce as his replacement, the kid has huge talent….Just saying tho 🙂

    • So far these are the moves that will probably happen:

      Ganso for ‘binho and a fee.

      Balotelli and/or Muriel

      Montolivo Acerbi and Astori. – may already be close to signing.

      on top of that we will get Merkel and Strasser some more time, and Faraone will be a year older and a year wiser. NOT TOO SHABBY

    • How do you know my friend? Have you watched the player more than once?!

      I haven’t, but at least I don’t talk like some here that say he’s a bad player without knowing him. Against Milan he looked very decent.

      • How long are u following Milan? I would say not so long as then u would know what kind of players Milan used to buy

        • It has nothing to do with ‘how long’… and a long time by the way… It’s the principle: you judge without knowing. That’s a poor habit in life and in football.

          Why talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about? (this statement is not directed to you, but in general and to everyone thinking they will do better than Allegri or Galliani because they won the Champions League 15 consecutive times with their FIFA team and now think Milan should buy every youngster who can dribble).

          • It’s hard to settle for such bargain deals when we talk about Milan it hurts to see management choosin quantity over quality. That comment was over the top i’m sorry but a guy who spends his time in Serie B and playin on co-ownership at 24 can only be decent, a backup. I’m not into headless spending but u can get quality with reasonable spending too. And u know why this news hurts me? I believe they won’t get Astori back and this is a consolation prize just as Aquilani was last summer

          • i read the news that Milan is in a huge debt, so you can consider these signings are great! yes Milan used to sign players like Nesta,Rui Costa (in 2002), or Sheva back in 1998 but dont forget the recent sensation of Nocerino, cheap and useful.. he’s not world class but even busquet, Mascherano, are not world class players either! you cant have 11 world class starting line-up unless Berlu have sold Milan to some Rich guy from Russia or Arab.
            Astori and Acerbi are good players, we still have TS33, and Astori can challenge Mexes for the starting line up!
            and you cant say that if a player at 24 yo still playing on co-ownership as ‘only’ decent, there are many sample of late-bloomer players dude

  2. Gr8 but v shud get astori and let bonera and yepes leave fr midfield v shud get kevin strootman this kid is so awesome dat even manu want him and is the natural heir of van bommel v shud even sign one of hamsik kagawa ganso or lucas moura(brazilian and natural heir of kaka fr brazil nt) and even one of tevez lavezzi van persie or ballotelli fr a new striker and let robinho leave and after dat 8th cl is in our hands(v don’t need a lb coz v have didac vila remember!! just develop him and v r sorted)

  3. Acerbi has impressed me with his performances this season, but I don’t know, is he really Milan material?
    I would rather have Astori back from Cagliari, an old youth player from our ranks, he’s improved every season and is getting more mature, Allegri also knows him well from his days at Cagliari. And the news about Natali, please don’t tell me that’s true. I don’t even think he’s doing well at Fiorentina, what makes you think he would do well with us…anyhow, I’m just hoping for the best.

  4. how come we always need Genoa to help buy our players? It’s pathetic! Imagine Bayern getting help from Hannover or Man Utd getting help from Aston Villa to buy someone.

    • its not pathetic to use geonoa to buy players. don forget from genoa we signed players like boateng and elsharawy. second, there is no co-ownership in england and germany.

  5. montolivo,acerbi, maybe even astori too. kagawa, kolarov, Ganso for robinho, striker, gk, and another young midfielder. great milan!!! always gr8!!!!

  6. Theres nothing wrong with Aston Villa or Hannover,they both have talented young players. You clearly don’t even watch these teams. I mean Man Utd got Ashely Young from them,so think before you comment and we got El Shaarawy from Genoa,good players.

  7. Rene Adler Gk
    Alaba Lb
    Acerbi cb
    Alex Song/lass diarra dm
    Nuri Sahin/Montolivo mf
    Hamsik/Giovinco CAM
    Muniain striker

  8. GALLIANI!should be wise.milan should rather use their good relationship with genoa to sign good players who play for genoaand not sign average players.if i were galliani i would try to sign KUCKA,GRANQVIST & MIGUEL VELOSO from genoa.milan should offer robinho to ANZHI for jucilei

  9. Yes I did misunderstand him,but still if we getting quality I don’t mind,if its cheap. Yes we are Milan,but I could careless how we get players,as long as it legal and quality players. Rather complain about the quality of player rather then how we got him.

  10. *Rossoneri Battle Man Utd for Lille’s Mathieu Debuchy(RB).

    **Galliani Strikes Bargain Deal with Cellino(Cagiliari’s president) for Astori. Cellino candidly revealed, “In football, I only have two friends, Galliani and (Silvio) Berlusconi, I am convinced that we will reach an agreement (regarding the transfer of Astori).”

    • Man, that’s a very old quote from Cellino. He said it about the co-ownership deal in the summer. Some “sources” perhaps brought it up again because they just make stuff up on regular basis (“sources” like tribalfootball)

  11. It seems to me that we are broke and can afford the world class players we used to buy. Now, Real, Barca, and the top English teams are richer than us and therefore they get all the best players. We are becoming a team of scraps.

  12. Well we need Astori…and Natali will b back up for Abate…
    We also need Acerbi…statistically he y perfect

  13. Wats wrong with buying Acerbi?? Diid u even see him? He’s young and has time to develop and alongside Silva and Nesta he’ll learn a lot

    THIAGO Silva was also a bargain buy like this if u didnt know….

  14. why do milan often “use” genoa to buy players?
    1) it is simply for saving money. the price will be higher if milan buy the player. it is also possible that the source of funds used to buy the player is from milan which give the funds to genoa to sign the player. genoa, of course, will receive a service fee from milan. it’s a win win
    deal both for milan & genoa
    2) it is also for avoiding higher taxes since the purchasing price is lower
    so, it’s all about the money. LOL

  15. Acerbi is okay but Milan should look more talents outside Italy.There are many talented footballers in Spain,France,Argentina and Netherlands.Martinez,Sakho,Verthongen,Muniain,Juan Iturbe..Hmmmm..Why we are like this?Always wanted to sign cheap and mediocre players.I can accept cheap players but the qualities should be prioritised..Take a look on Chicarito Hernandez and Gaston Ramirez impact on their respective club..

  16. players we are getting in the summer: acerbi, montolivo, cesar natale, tevez/ganso and we need a couple of midfielders like kucka and inler

  17. Am not too bothered about Milan signing cheap players, what am bothered about is the kind of cheap players we buy. Most are mediocres.

    Lets not forget that FFP rule is behind the corner.

  18. Damnnnn Juve want to sign Ogbonna and Astori..I hope they are living in dreamland because both of them are Milanista just like me..Forza Milan..

  19. Lol…it’s pretty funny how y’all are bringing up your respective favorite players to be signed by Milan.

    Frankly speaking,What makes most of y’all think Milan is going to change it’s stance on how to acquire the services of players to play for the Club? It’s gonna be last year all over again this summer-getting free/cheap/loan players.

    Look,i’m not saying Milan should spend large like how other big teams are doing.But at-least sign one pure class player who will do the work perfectly rather than getting 2 average players who’re gonna be tried to see if they’re a good fit in a particular position.

  20. What’s wrong with you?

    In 2010, we brought in Ibrahimovic and Robinho as world class players, and Boateng, who is a world class now.
    In the winter, we got Cassano and Van Bommel. Both of them showed his class, and we also brought Emanuelson.
    In this summer, we brought in El Shaarawy, Mexes, Aquilani, and Nocerino. 3 of them were bargain, and we bought the full ownership of Ibra and Boateng. This winter, we had Maxi Lopez, and Muntari, and they showed great quality.
    In this summer, almost sure we bring in Montolivo for free, and we’ll buy out Aquilani and Shaarawy for full. And this is just the beginning. Acerbi can be a great heir of Bonera if we want someone for right to centre. His stats are truly great. He doesn’t arrive for starting 11, and in great clubs, you need these kind of backups. In this season (for example) Abate didn’t have any true, quality backups.

    So: please show me ONE SINGLE CLUB with this effectiveness from their budget. We have bad signings, but at least we can get rid of them with profit, or on zero cost.

    Galliani does great things, because he knows the market, and he knows everybody. Preziosi helps him a lot, regarding Boateng, Amelia and El Shaarawy.

    So i ask again:

    What’s wrong with you?

    • I’d just like to know why we can never spend real money when teams like Napoli and Tottenham spend much more and we’re the only team whose fans are told to thank the president personally each time we spend over one million on a player.

  21. We wont buy strootman or ganso or eriksen or any known talented player . Just hope some of d primavera lads can step up to the big league . Really , dont believe any big name rumour .only the mediocre ones . Oh how the mighty have fallen .

  22. We have just passed on so many gud players even b4 their prices rose up recently . Hernanes , witsel , hamsik , pastore , lamela , vidal n have bought crap mesbah , onyewu ,ba taye taiwo . Im just so tired of this team . Dey have bought 20 players ,over 12 are crap .

  23. i will say what i said earlier.galliani should be signing world class player like VELOSO & KUCKA from genoa.and please stop talking about natali he is over 30 years.nesta is far better than him.MILAN should be quick about OGBONNA & ASTORI before juve sign them.

  24. VELOSO and KUCKA? World class players? Lol… What makes them world class?

    How many times can you prove you have watched both of them play in their respective Clubs? Be Factual, man.

  25. @ simo as much as we luv kpb , we wil all take silva , iniesta ,ozil ,munian , mata , maybe even ganso or lucas over him in a heart beat . Aquaman shud b d invisible woman now since his drop in form . Noce just runs around scorin the occasional gol , urby is inconsitent same wit mexes . And having a bonera heir isnt sometin to b overly happy about .

  26. If we finally want to solve our leftback problem there is no other choice than spending as all other options just haven’t worked out. For leftback we could go for Kolarov or even better an Italian named Criscito! who would be 15mil max. This would definitely solve the problem and Vila can come back as a decent backup. Alba is also good but it looks like Barcelona already have an agreement and he comes from the barca youth academy so is likely to join them.

  27. Ryan , u misunderstand me . I’m tired of d players we sign as im sure u are . Can u say dat aqua ,mexes , noce ,muntari were on ur wish list ? I luv dis team ; im just stating my concern which is d obvious dat we are buying crap players .

  28. In as much as Ganso is a good player, am very skeptical on Milan buying him. Why? He’s injury prone.

    Its today I realise some fans can call Nocerino’s goal ‘Occasional’, He’s scored important goals if you can’t recall.

    Few months ago, he was tagged the ‘attacking new Gattuso’. Then it was, Nocerino’s buy was a steal.

  29. if i may ask is milan in debt?and if they are in debt how much do we owe?BERLUSCONI & GALLIANI should remind us of who they are during this summer.they have signed many world class players from van basten,gullit,rijkard,savic,scheva,& many more so “WHY CAN’T THEY SPEND BIG.if i’m not mistaken spurs built a new stadium and they are prepared to inject huge amounts into signing players like hazard & vertonghen(over 40 mil) this summer.since 2008 milan have not spent big.we won the CL in 2007.we will have made a huge amount there.milan haven’t spent big over the past 4 years.maybe ibra & robinho that is the only thing we have done.BERLUSCONI please we need you to release the bank notes.

  30. Idmilanista , ganso is class . After the long layoff ,he hasnt had a serious injury n bout noce , ur rite 10 is by no way occasional just dat he hardly does anytin else cept run into d box .

  31. Acerbi is a fantastic signing, YES I SAID FANTASTIC. Time will tell if i’m wrong and i want everybody here to quote me again when he arrives. Pirlo was an Inter reject and same way we lost Axel Wiesel whom many here refered to as mediocre is currently being monitored by Real and United. Football is luck and so many very good players are not playing in big clubs today for example, why would Clint Dempsey never played for United or Barca or Milan or Real? Why is Victor Moses still a Wigan player? The fact that Acerbi is at Chievo today doesnt mean he would not be great tommorrow, i have seen things in him that makes a very strong CB and in 2-3 seasons he would be massive. QUOTE ME ON THIS


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