Montolivo signed Milan deal?


RICCARDO MONTOLIVO has reportedly signed a contract with Milan and will earn €2.5m a year.

It is well known that the Italian midfielder is one of Milan’s objectives for the summer after they failed to sign him last summer from Fiorentina. Now it appears that Milan have signed him on a free transfer.

According to the Italian media, Montolivo put pen to paper with Milan and La Nazione reveals the details of the terms Montolivo has reportedly agreed to: contract until 2016, with an annual salary of €2.5 million.

Nesta: “I am not going to Juventus”
Ibrahimovic: “No plans to leave Milan”

Monty was offered a contract extension on multiple occasions but he refused them all. Fiorentina risked losing him for free when they didn’t sell him to the summer and the former Viola captain may now be on his way to Milan. It’s suggested, though, that Milan and Montolivo have had a verbal deal since summer.

Montolivo would be an important addition to Massimiliano Allegri’s side as he’s a player capable of playing in all the roles in midfield. The 27-year-old is a national team player and will feature in the 2012 Euro’s.


  1. We need a playmaker, when we lost Pirlo. This is good news.

    Now we need a substitute for Pato. Bring in Tevez.

    • please, do NOT put Montolivo and Pirlo in the same basket..Monty is a great player, but Pirlo is on a whole another level..IMO we still need a class MF & need for a striker, even if Pato leaves..Ibra, Cassano, Robinho, el Sharaawy, Lopez are more than enough..I’m just disappointed that Allegri did not use Pippo more this season, just take a look at del Piero, he might just give them the boost to secure the trophy this season..

      • @Tomo Good to hear you speak the truth buddy.I really don’t know whose choice is Monty whether it is B&G or Allegri,If it is by Allegri then he will have an idea how to use him but if he is not then we are doomed because Inzhagi Pato are more liked by Berlu but i don’t think Allegri had them in his plans.If a player like Monty is on a free transfer to Milan,i am a little bit complacent because i need to understand first whether if he was not free or a bit expensive would Galliani bought him.How Monty performs depends on how Allegri uses him.Let’s hope for the best because this is a good sign for 20122013 season.

        • i value Monty higher than Aquilani, and this is a good news! i think you’ve misunderstood Galliani, he didnt buy Monty for ‘a bit’ expensive price just because Milan are not Barca, Madrid,Man.City or Juve, Milan dont have the money, we’re in a huge debt! Its important for us to be grateful to have some quality free signings like this and i believe if we had the money, Monty would have been playing with us this season. And Pirlo last 2 seasons with Milan were not impressive and not up to his quality, and its better to forget the past and support Monty and Aquilani.. unlike many other fans here, i dont wish Milan to buy any striker! id rather to take back Paloschi to replace Pippo (probably retiring at the end of this season)

    • As much as I hate to say it, at the moment, it looks like we’ll be needing someone for Pato to substitute, not a substitute for Pato. With his current form and injuries, I doubt he’ll see much first team action next year. He’ll most likely be like Kaka in his first years in Madrid – a substitute. But, just like Kaka is doing now, I really hope Pato regains his form and fitness soon, because I miss seeing the duck play.

  2. Even heard dat milan have their eyes on shinji kagaw he is an awesome player fr dortmund this year he can be our playmaker and play cam he is in terrific form nw and luckily his contract expires in 2013

    • Our midfield will be boateng-montolivo-nocerino
      Now we need a playmaker , and a left back.
      No need for another striker , we already have pato, ibra, cassano, robinho, maxi, el sharrawy, and inzaghi may stay.
      I would like kaka or hamsik for the playmaker position.
      And for the left back kolarov, but i want sergio ramos to join us, even though it’s really difficult.

      • @Pato7 Boateng Monty & Nocerino as you suggest look good on paper but how will Allegri use them is the most important aspect.i don’t think he expects Monty to send long balls to Ibra then that would be a disaster.The guy is capable of handling two different roles like a Deep Lying play maker and a Defensive Midfielder.He is at the disposal of Allegri and let’s see how well he uses him,Since Cassano has just come out of a major surgery ,It is not proper to field him for all the games and make him sweat for 90 odd minutes.He needs to be given proper rest.If wisely used Cassano will be another great Asset.Coming to Pato he will have good rest since he won’t be playing this season and will be part of the next season if Allegri wants him to be.If we can get Kolarov,Milan’s problem will be solved.Nesta & Mexes along with Abate & Kolarov make a solid defensive unit and we also have a free kick specialist in Kolarov.If Monty is played as a DM in front of the back 4,Then we have Boateng & Nocerino doing the hard work from the sides.but Allegri plays Boa behind the strikers.Since Boa is strong and a hard worker he will be more useful in the midfield where he can assist the defense and the Attack.Cassano for me should play right behind SES & Pato.Then the team has that youthful exuberance.If Ibra is played then the tactics are just give him that long ball and he will do the rest,that’s where the creativity dies a natural death.Milan should adopt to Europe and start playing the fast paced fantastic football.Ibra Nesta Robinho Aquilani Abbiati can make it to the bench and slowly we have Strasser Merkel Didac who all can be given a game against lowly opponents and make their confidence grow.Allegri should change his style of training and the San Siro pitch should be given a revamp.Keep Pato healthy and motivate him then Milan have one of the most feared strikers in Europe.SES with experience can be a dangerous player.

        • Ibrahimovic is our best player and he always plays, the playmaker who will play behind the strikers , will crate a lot of assists for ibra and pato. montolivo will help in the build up of play he won’t send long balls to ibra, we did this only vs barcelona, because we couldn’t play well, with short passes . But boateng may continue to play behind the strikers, and montolivo may be used in the position where seedorf and aquilani are playing. we’ll see.

          • Ibra and Pato together haven’t been successful for Milan so far and that is the BIG problem.

  3. Great news for Milan. We needed versatile midfielder. Now we just need a new left back and maybe a center back and an extra attacker!!


  4. great news!welcome monty.We have to bring paloschi back.the news of ac milan wanting to sign kawashima worries me.acmilan should give davide facchin(GK) the chance.he has been playing well for his team in serie for midfield we have good backup we just need an AM & DM.i think didac vila has done enough to be given a chance at milan.i heard milan are after kolarov.i think kolarov and vila as LB would be amazing.i like the news about milan chasing kagawa he will be an excellent signing.

    • for me as bvb and milan fan, milan would be the only team i want to see playing with kagawa expect dortmund. but i don’t think italia is not good for kagawa, because he needs place(italian teams defend more so it would be difficult) and under allegri he would play as striker i think because of his high scoring-rate.

  5. I just hope he’s going to play in a deep role, if not Allegri is doing the impossible and making the team even more defensive

  6. Get us nasri frm mancity 2 be our playmaker we dnt monty cus is not our problem galiani u nd 2 release seedorf 8-)mvb:pgatuso:Dambrosini;)yepes:Dzambrota:pinzagi:/ bonera:/we nd a young talent player under 19ages. galiani is our main problem is milan a poor team dat u can nt use ur own cash 2 sign a players u are here begging 4 a loan or boss man y if u dnt have money 2 run a business sell d team to peole dat are nt poor u are just disgracing d team owner as former italian prime minister

  7. all we need to now is swap robinho for ganso then our formition will look lyk this


    ibra cassano

  8. Montolivo, Acerbi and Astori look certain. Up front we seem to be looking at Tevez or Balotelli. Inzaghi will leave as will one of Pato or Robinho most likely.

    People are rumouring Kolarov who would be fantastic.

    I would love Ganso to join for that fantastic creativity behind the strikers. He can move into midfield and Boateng can also then play behind the strikers if necessary. If Berlusconi wants us to play like Barca more, this is the kind of signing we need (like Montolivo). Ganso would mean we wouldn’t need to rely on Robinhos connecting runs (and his awful chance taking to complement).

  9. ……………. Abbiati …………
    Boateng…..Montolivo(Strootman/De Jong)…Nocerino(Urby)

    Tevez is in superb form, and he will stay in City !

  10. I really like Nocerino but I want our midfield to be like this:
    Boateng———Montolivo———–Nuri Sahin
    ————-Oscar or Eriksen—————–

    Then our midfield would be awesome just like Barcelona.

  11. IN:
    Montolivo = Free
    Adler = Free
    Astori = Free
    Strootman = 15 Million Approx.
    Kolarov = 15 Million Approx.

    This would allow Milan to sell/release a bit of the dead weight in midfield and defence and inject some quality into the squad while only spending around 30 million. If an offer came up from Santos for a swap deal including Robinho and Ganso that could work too. No need to sign more attackers!

  12. A lot of milan fans disappoint me. They talk as if galliani gad a money making factory. A good bizman tries to get his goods for the lowest possible price. Keep doing what u r doing uncle fester.

  13. i woild love to c kolarov in milan. as he is great player and very much attacking minded and i think that is exactly what milan needs of an left back + his left foot can kill a guy

  14. Montolivo,that’s a great addition.We now need one leftback and a striker,with Pato being sold because of his injury crises.

  15. Monty signed on 6th Feb 2012 for Milan and Acerbi’s deal done finally today. I believe Milan are having an active market operation this summer and we will be much stronger next season. I think Acerbi will be another revelation for Milan.

  16. I really don’t understand some of the excitement here – Montolivo is an average player and will not improve Milan much. We need great midfielder, not average one. Bring Ganso, Erikson or Snieder in, not Monty.


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