Ibrahimovic’s contract to be extended?


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC’S deal at Milan could be renewed and improved, reports suggest.

The Swede is without a doubt the most important piece in Massimiliano Allegri’s Milan and it seems as though the Rossoneri have turned Ibra-dependent once again as when he underperforms, so do Milan.

Milan brought Ibrahimovic from Barcelona in the summer of 2010 in the ‘worst deal in the history of Barca’. The former Inter man signed a contract, and became the highest-paid player in the via Turati club.

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According to Milannews.it, the agent of Ibrahimovic, Mino Raiola, would want an extension of the 30 year old’s contract until 2015 (his current ends in 2014). Only in the beginning of the season, Ibrahimovic stated he is growing tired of football and thinking to retire in a few years, probably with the Rossoneri.

Apparently, Raiola is ready to retain the current €8 million-a-season wages but include bonuses related to numbers of goals and team objectives. Raiola hinted at a possible extension a couple of weeks ago.


  1. no pls.no more pay rises.if he does’nt want to play 4 us anymore,he shd leave.no playa is more important dan d club.forza milan.

  2. if he insists on a pay rise,sell him n buy tevez,bring paloschi n promote some primevera strikers.forza milan.

  3. This guy must not hold us to ransom…improve deal!are you kidding me!after when he said he’s getting tired of playing, no way him and his agent should forget about any new deal

  4. I think we should sell him and get a lot of money, but the problem is that B and G will just spend the money on their own private issuer, they wont find a good replacement.

  5. HE is not getting tired of fotball, it’s just your italians and englishs media that said so… because thy translated his swedish word in a wrong way!! common pepole, like zlatan said: If you are tired of fotball, you quiet, but i still have the motivation and want to win, and also milan is like a family to me.

  6. @ Swedish -his words were misinterpreted really?wow that’s a serious indictment on the media.and if i may ask, what do they stand to gain by
    mis-interpreting his words…

  7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored just one league goal in February in each of the last five seasons between Serie A and La Liga. (Lethargy isn’t it)
    i hope this changes this time around or else we’re in trouble…

  8. I not honestly sold on this concept Milanista’s have took paycut for the team based on there age he’s no different but then again he isn’t a Tru Milanista by any means at 30 who’ll turn 31 this October it show’s where milan Priority lies to my shock I found out Udinese is about to build there own stadium and Milan can’t even fund a proper transfer it shows how far behind we have fallen

  9. 8 Million is too small for a player with such degree,imagine if he was playing for Man City or Anzhi,after all 90% of our wins are made possible by him,if he scores 2morrow we will win but if he doesn’t we are doomed
    Imagine if we had two of his kind we would have win everything….Messi or Ronaldo none of them is ahead of Zlatan

  10. Geez!!!!!! What are they thinking? Milan do not have money to buy decent players they only go for free or Loan with an option to buy scheme, I am not lying please look at our transfer dealings.And how does someone expect Milan to pay a ransom until 2015.Everyone here knows as long as Ibra is in Milan they are not going to win Champion’s league and will win Serie A if other teams don’t do well.Grow up B&G. Milan is on the rocks.btw we get angry when ppl say that Milan is a club of old washed up players.If Allegri & Ibra win CL I will be the first one to stop watching football.

  11. @ AW -but the team is now getting younger you know, though it hurts me when i see those old men taking the young guys space i don’t understand how we will assess the quality of our youth if they only play in primavera which i think is not competitive enough.

  12. Is this a joke or wat?
    This player is receivinn double of wat our best player thiago silva is receivin & and still wants an extention an extension to retain his exagerated barcelona salaries plus some bonuses
    Thinkin he some kingpin
    A big team like AC milan
    Milan plays as a team and not wit no kingpin pls
    Just check Lionel Messi in barcelona & they are still a team

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