Milan suffer Boateng blow


KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG has been ruled out for 4 weeks with flexor injury.

Milan suffered a big blow today as minutes after the official announcement of Alexander Merkel’s return to Milan, it was revealed that Kevin-Prince Boateng is suffering from a flexor injury and is out for a month.

Boateng is one of the best important players in the squad of Coach Massimiliano Allegri, who is suffering from many injuries already in midfield and attack as he has Flamini, Aquilani, Cassano all out of action.

Official: Merkel re-joins Milan on loan
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Boateng is therefore at risk of losing the first game of the Champions League eight-finals against Arsenal. The very same thing happened last year when Milan had to face Tottenham – Boateng was not fully fit after sitting some weeks out with an injury and couldn’t deliver, playing one of his worst games for il Diavolo.

Milan also confirmed that Christian Abbiati is injured and will not be available for one week. In the meantime, rumours of Philippe Mexes injured again for eight weeks are not correct and are unfounded.


  1. y does dis always happen to us?
    get someone on loan to replace him only until he returns
    glad to hear merkel join us

  2. what is Milan lab doing to all our players getting injured?? this is a crucial time in our season of winning a silverware, maybewe shud bring back Strasser or push for a loan deal for Spurs Sandro Ranieri to enable Merkel play forward

    Forza Milan

    • it is rumoured that strasser is coming back, as part of the mesbah deal. however, he has a long term injury, so he won’t play for quite a while.

  3. ok now we should go for Montolivo and Mesbah:
    squad if they would arrive now
    GK: Abbiati, Amelia, Roma
    DEF: Silva, Nesta, Bonera, Abate, Antonini, Zambrotta, Mesbah
    MID: Merkel, Noccerino, Ambrosini, van Bommel, Emanuelson, SEEDROF, MOntolivo
    ATT: Ibra, Pato, Robinho, El Shaarawy, Pippo Inzaghi

    but you can say that ROma, Zambrotta, Bonera, Ambrosini, Seedorf, And Inzaghi are all not fast enough and very inconsistent. that means that we would have 16 players available and a bit in form: without mesbah and Montolivo would would have just 14. i can’t understand this. milan has a squad of 30 players if all are fit. more than 50 % are not available

  4. wtf? wat kind of brutal training do they go through that they get injured so much?

    This is the 3rd time this season injuries happened outside the field 🙁

  5. Boateng is a vital player but we still have a lot of players to use instead.
    Midfield: Nocerino, Van Bommel, Ambrosini, Merkel, Emmnauelson (On the left midfield if neccesary)
    Replacement for Boateng behind strikers: Robinho and Shaarawy behind the strikers.

  6. I’m actually okay about him missing a few serie A games as Allegri may have the sense to play a true playmaker but I really hope Boateng is back for the Arsenal game

  7. I loved watching el sel shaarawy in the last few minutes… and honestly i would have rather seen pato come off alittle earlier(he was missing some easy balls and misplaying them) the news of merkel comign back is amazing he has alot of skill… Ambrosini seems to be off his rock alittle but maybe with the injuries he can shake the rust off and get himself in the match

    Nocerino had to play to far back in the inter game but that a normal derby… boateng going down is bad but we have some young players that can step up and make the moves so

  8. @gbengezy Strasser is already out for 6 months. He got injured while at Leece. Its because Milan are paying 4 his treatment that we are getting Mesbah 4 free.

  9. Do they try to dodge flying rocks n such in training . Aquaman out . Kpb out . Abbiati out . Bright side ; merkel may play 2mao . Ambro ,noce n dorf/merkel n either urby or dorf as cam .

  10. The thing is, even though Berlusconi is back, Milan don’t have as much money as people think they do, especially because he was ordered to pay 560 million euros to a rival media company. If that wouldn’t have happened we would’ve had Marek Hamsik, so we can’t go for players that are worth more than 15m euros. Allegri needs to play El Shaarawy behind the strikers more often, and Emanuelson in his proper LB position, with a Midfield of Noce-MvB-Merkel now, and hope for the best.

  11. OMG why!!!!!!!! and so loooooooooooong…..the only good about it is that maybe we will get to see Stephen play trequesta tomorrow “? still sad tho….hope hes back and match fit b4 Arsenal

  12. No Tevez and now this! a midfield injury crisis just hours after the official anouncement of Merkel returning. This surely calls for opperation Monty! 😀

  13. This injury crisis is looking more like its only Milan Players are getting Injured. Why???!!!

    Flamini, Gattuso, Aquilani and now Boateng.

  14. ———-Amelia———
    ——————————El Shaarawy——————

    • I like that formation, and I’m so happy to have Merkel back, he did great last season the few chances he got, and as some has already stated, the good thing about Kevin-Kings injury could be that Allegri gets forced to actually use a real trequarista, because really, we’ve already seen the results we get against good team, when we don’t use a creative trequarista, and since I see the scudetto is ours to lose, I would have a hard time if we don’t end up with the scudetto in the end, because we definitely got the best team in serie A at the moment, and I think next season will be even harder. Because Juve and Inter aren’t looking as bad as they did last season, and I think maybe the reason why Napoli hasn’t been extremely great again this year, is because of the single fact thay they’ve focused on ChL and without a doubt had the strongest group. in other words this sesason we MUST win the scudetto !
      so Allegri please use Your skills and try something new, and most of all, use some Young players, Sharawy did better in his 10 min. against Inter, than alot of our players through the whole match.


  15. According to Allegri: Amelia, Bonera, Nesta, Mexes, Antonini, Ambrosini, Nocerino, Christante, Urby, El shaarawy and Inzaghi will all start tomorow. (milannews)

  16. it is time to get montolivo…our midfield cannot compete anymore even in serie A…gattuso is out ambro is not same, aquilani out, seedorf not fully fit and van bommel is being inconsistant and now kpb out for a month !!!… now wwe only have merkel and nocerino who should be starting with van bommel…. in attack pato and ibra have to start getting along and robinho or el shaarawi have to play behind them

  17. Monty please! Boateng will be back for arsenal, knowing his eagerness to play! I don’t think the problem is from training, because this happened the exact same time last season vs spurs. Milan let the players on a loose chain during the holidays and they change their diet! The milan-lab famous for its nutritionists have set a specific date to each player to fit their training regime! That’s why plays like inzaghi, ceedorf and nesta can still play up to today. We need to start being stricter with our players, we need reinforcements in midfield as well!

  18. El Shaarawy MUST start instead of Pato! Pato had been given chances and, guess what, he FAILED over and over again. while El Shaarawy hasn’t.

    Merkel should play a trequartista role, dont ever play Emanuelson again! he has FAILED in both Atalanta and Inter game.

  19. Does anyone know if we are still getting Abidal for free? I remember hearing that we had an agreement with the player. Also hope Montolivo will come

  20. Get well soon prince.hope u wil play nd score in arsenal game.welcm our schwenstieger(merkel).now operation monty,naingolan,ganso and podolski.den we r milan of early 90’s nd 2000’s.4za milan.

  21. Now all those who keep saying that PATO always gets injured, same goes to Boateng, Squad rotation is not sensible in Milan or the players are too Fragile, who do we blame……

  22. I’ve read some news saying we re close to sign monty for 3-4m. Because we desperately need reinforcement in mf. And I think that’s great! And we are linked with nainggolan and asamoah in summer? How great is it!

    • how many times has that rumor cropped up…monty for 3M…and we are always linked w many players thruout the transfer mkt…
      i wud prefer to have monty over aquilani…but monty as a trequartista is no no fr me…we need speed there..

      amidst the reports of tevez to PSG…i just hope he goes to psg and the drama ends right there..hopefully then we will we go out looking fr someone else other than a striker..

  23. Well i’m reading lots of fellow rossoneri fans about how great Merkel and Aquilani are,but seriously with such players you can’t win the ch.league.Milan needs a classic playmaker(fk specialist) who can produce accurate crosses.That was Milan’s problem vs Inter.Former Bilbao’s playmaker Fran Yeste(32)was released from Olympiakos.Milan can sign him with a million euro or less.He’s a very good player but he can’t play in cl this season.

  24. I don’t understand people who criticize Pato all the time. Pato is coming back from an injury , remember? he didn’t played a game nor trained in 2 months, so it’s perfectly normal that he’s still searching his best form. Give Pato some time (he’s still very young still learning still improving). A game like that on Sunday would be hard for any striker in the world (even Tevez would have his troubles against such a deep playing team)


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