Galliani: “Tevez has agreed to join Milan”


ADRIANO GALLIANI has confirmed that personal terms have been agreed with Tevez’s representatives.

Two meetings in 24 hours proved very productive in negotiations to bring Manchester City’s striker Carlos Tevez to AC Milan as the player agreed to join Milan and his terms have already been concluded.

According to Italian media outlets, Tevez has agreed €3 million wages from January to the end of the year, and then €5 million for three seasons. Galliani confirmed this evening that there is a deal with him.

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“I’m in Milan now and I decided to skip a Champions League game for the first time… I had to stay in Milan with all due respect to Prague as this game doesn’t decide anything for us,” Adriano Galliani told Milan Channel on Tuesday. “I put some bricks to strengthen a squad which, in my opinion, is already formidable.

“I’ve met the agent of Tevez in my office and the situation is clear: there is an agreement with the player and we’ve just sent an email to Manchester City with our proposal, free loan with the right of redemption under certain conditions.” il Corriere dello Sport claims Milan will try to buy Tevez for a sum around €20 mil.

“Why should City accept our offer? He’s not playing, he is a great player and if he would do well, we’d buy him. The player has given up on a lot of money. He had some huge money-prizes with City for the Premier and the Champions League. I spoke with Carlitos and he wants to join us, half of the agreement is made, now wait for the response of City. I talked to Berlusconi about the Tevez-deal, and he agreed. And this shows once again how much he loves Milan. Tevez is a champion and if he came, it’d be great for Calcio.

“He’s a player of an absolute value. We are close, the player was fantastic, I repeat, Tevez has made great sacrifices and it shows he has a great desire to come to Milan. Cassano called me and said he’s happy for Tevez deal, and it was very nice, it is good and the fans are happy for the arrival of Carlitos too. I hope that City accepts our offer. I foiled a few enemies in Italy and Europe, I can’t say who. We’re in pole position.”

Milan and the Rossoneri fans are waiting for Manchester City’s with anticipation. It may be too early to say ‘Welcome’ but the deal seems to be in an advanced stage. Maxi Lopez is the alternative of the Argentine.


  1. Tevez ok! or oh boy! well he’ll he has the quality he’ll do well for us people think it would be hard for pato..I don’t think so I believe that’s it for Inzaghi he’ll be sold in january El Sharaawy I want him to stay but I think he’ll be loaned out…Pato,Robihno,Zlatan,Cassano & Tevez what an attack force it could cuz problems in CL next season our midfield & Defence should be as Equally Complete then we can talk about the Allegri Era…lol

  2. Tevez coming soon to a San Siro near you. don’t know if to say he yeah or hell no..either our attack would be fierce wish our mid and defence could be as equally fierce, well Inzaghi it seems he may have to find a new club think it’s best for him I wish they would give him a farewell game for his years of service to milan SAD TO SAY!!!! the end is near a Legendary Predator one of the best I’ve ever seen

  3. As much as I’m dreading more for a Defensive Midfielder player, this deal might be the start of a wonderful future for Milan. Forza Milan!

  4. i dont know why the intrest in tevez?? he is not that talnted and most importantly his behavior issues. the man has an ego as big as mount everset but he doesnt have the ability to back it up. we dont need him or anyone like him ( Balotelli for example) and dont tell me that he will change and all of that, he is not young, he had problems with man united and now with man city and tomorrow with milan. that is who he is.

    • And so do several in our squad, like Ibra and Robinho. Tevez is a guy who needs a good atmosphere. He’s an extremely talented footballer. IF we don’t need him or anyone like him… why did we get Ibra or Robinho? Tevez is young enough and will contribute well. MAnchester is a horr*ible place to live.

    • I agree with Hisham. At least with Balo, the attitude is something that can be overcome with maturity as he is so young. This is a player that went to England and has not been able to get along with any coach or teammate while there. Now you put him in a squad with a mix of experience, youth, and strong personalities and the combination can be volatile. I am not in favor of this move at all. I would have preferred an ACM.

      I also hope this means a loan for El-Shaarawy because I do not see how he gets any games now.

  5. Ibra, Pato, Robinho, Cassano… Tevez?!?!?!

    Milan already have the best strike force around. This deal would be huge.

    I think it would benefit Milan to play Tevez as a trequartista. He often played as a deep lying striker in City’s 4-3-3, and his work rate is as tremendous as Boateng’s. Also, Pato needs a run of games!

  6. Abbiatti

    Abate. Nesta/Mexes. T.Silva. Taiwo/Maxwel


    Aquilani. Seedorf/Binho


    Ibra/Maxi. Pato

    That’s what I’m thinking

  7. I would be pleased if tevez come to milan but dont you think we have more striker than midfield? Maybe we should sell pato and buy more young and talented midfield but whatever happens in allegri we trust #justsaying

  8. Welcome son.As 4 inzaghi,if he wants to retire a rossonero,den he shd go on a loan,den come bk 4 his retirement party as rossonero.

  9. Personally, I am not in favor of this deal. If it was made for a minimal expense, then that’s fine. However, I agreee with those that say our more pressing concern is the midfield. I think that money could have been better spent elsewhere.

  10. Reading all your comments regarding new signings i got a rush of adrenalin and started thinking how might Milan look like next season, and this is only my opinion:

    AC MILAN 2012-2013 SQUAD


    Christian Abbiati
    Marco Amelia
    Riccardo Piscitelli


    Thiago Silva
    Ignazio Abate
    Mario Yepes
    Luca Antonini
    Philippe Mexes
    Dídac Vilá
    M Sciglio
    Ricardo Ferreira


    Eduardo Jesús Vargas Rojas
    Kevin-Prince Boateng


    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Antonio Cassano
    Kingsley Boateng

  11. Now Tevez. Next summer Rene Adler free from Leverkusen, Angelo Ogbonna from Torino, Astori from Cagliari and DMC to replace MVB & Ambrosini.

  12. Hmmm! Signing of tevez will give alegri a lot of headache, and people should stop critisizing pato, if we let go a 22yr old for a 27yr old striker then we are fool, pato is our future player. Forza milan!


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