Tevez wants Milan move


CARLOS TEVEZ wants to wear the Milan shirt, but Juventus have made a much more lucrative offer.

AC Milan have shown interest in signing Manchester City problematic striker Carlos Tevez and have already had a meeting with the player’s agent, Kia Joorabchian, as they started initial talks about him.

There are many complications in bringing Tevez on loan in January, but according to Joorabchian, the 27-year-old, who previously played for Manchester United, would very much like to play for Milan.

You ask… We answer: The ANSWERS!
Tevez interested in Serie A switch

“The meeting with Galliani was constructive and leaves me feeling good,” the agent told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Man City have authorized me to meet with the Milan leadership. In the summer Corinthians, Inter and Juve were interested. The deal with Inter didn’t materialize because their offer was rejected by City.

“At the moment Milan is the best solution for him, the first choice. Carlos wants the shirt of Milan. Wherever Tevez has gone he has won. Milan are a winning club and he will continue winning. Carlos is not afraid of competition. Playing with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pato and Robinho is a pleasure and also a stimulus.

“My client earns a lot? All great players have high salaries. However, we have not yet discussed this issue with Galliani. Carlos’ problem in the Premier League is not Manchester City, but [Roberto] Mancini.”

Milan are not alone in race for the Argentine: in fact Juventus have made a very attractive offer for the former Manchester City Captain. Their offer is €4 million net as wages from January to June and then, if they decide to buy him out, they’ll pay Tevez €9 million a season plus performance-related bonuses.


  1. just keep your fingers crossed ,wether he comes or not is not so important as to getting a very good playmaker.and if the leftback is so problematic for us why cant urby be tried there,afterall he played there severally for ajax.and if eventually this deal goes through,that means someone may leave come january.

  2. if he can take a pay cut,say 4 mil a season & ve him sign a contract dat he will behave,den get him.also reduce flams pay to abt 3 mil next season.reduce dat of gatusso & bonera too.forza milan.

      • I think he’ll accept it. Not 4, but about 5 million he’ll accept (that’s what Robinho did). In case of Flamini: i’d offer him about 2,5 M. That’s fair enough, he isn’t even a starter. Neither now, nor later.
        Salary cut will help us, Galliani cuts every year, until we have the senators. Next year we wont have: Roma, Zamrotta, Yepes, Nesta, Oddo, Flamini, Van Bommel, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Gattuso, Inzaghi. Or at least 8 of them, and who stays, that’s wage will be cut.
        How much is all that? And how much will be the replacement cost (the new incomers salaries)? I think we will reduce some more, in that case players like Aquilani, Boateng and Nocerino earns 1-2 millions.

        • I disagree completely.Robinho was never a mercenary.Tevez is.
          He will not cut his salary no way.And if he’s coming he’s gonna be a starter face it.

  3. If Milan sign him then Ibra, Robinho or Cassano need to play trequartista, theres no way you can keep 5 world class forwards happy with 2 spaces available, 3 spaces is more do-able.

  4. if this guy comes, then we are made…. Bring on any team and let weep there ass..lol.. I love tevez, he a good finisher.. Tevez and ibra up front, with cassano/robinho behind.

  5. No we wont shut up.Tevez will most likely play behind the strikers cuz Allegri is obviously obsessed with WORKRATE and he wants workrate for every goddamn position.

  6. This I hope is the starting lineup after January.






    If Tevez is signed he will allow us to play the 4-3-3 as an alternative to the more regular 4-3-1-2 by pushing kpb back replacing aqua in the RM position and Tevez playing up front with Ibra an Pato.

    • Pato/Ibra/Binho/Inzaghi/Shaarawy

      rotation in attack a lot of teams would ki*ll for!


      Or if Allegri wants to change formation to 433 then i don’t know but still there r other better options than Tevez

  7. Almost every player out there wants to join the legendary AC Milan. The question now is who’s gonna be the lucky ones?

  8. Guys if he joins it’ll good as Ibra is certain to lose form at one point and even if he doesnt if February he can concentrate more on CL and play Tevez for League

    even if CL not possible it might help us in winning our first ever league double

    just saying…..i still have doubts about this happening

    • i Think For me We Need Him For Loan First Bcs We not has Cas.sano So i think is good if we Only loan him O.o So In CL Can He join If not He can help In League o.o?.

  9. Who said we don’t need him? We need him cos he is a great player who will add a lot to the team. He is better than those striker shortlisted.we need quality not quantity.

  10. tevez is great but i prefer milan to sign a great DMF and CB in january. that’s milan’s priority, not signing a new striker. look at the statistics, by analysing milan’s average goals scored and goals conceded, we all know what milan really need.

    if milan really sign tevez on loan in january, i will ask american actors who played movie series “Bad Boys” and “Bad Boys 2”, will smith and martin lawrence, to prepare “Bad Boys 3” and release the movie in 2012. ibra, cassano, tevez will become guest stars and barbara berlusconi will be the main actress. lol.

  11. I really won’t mind tevez coming to milan. But I’m a little bit concerned with development of SES92! 🙁

    Hope beside tevez, we could get at least 1mf, and 1 amf, or 1lb if that’s posible! Forza milan!

  12. No strikers anymore.We are fime for man years in this area.We need DMC – maybe sandro from tottenham,he is brilliant,montolivo can play in that position too.And one trequartista,for me is ganso the best.He is develop io defensive duty and he is much stronger.

  13. Whe dont Galliani let allegri deal with the transfer saga, he ir the coach and he is the one that knows the kind of players he needed, that is why i like madrid.

  14. Common face it guys.. Tevez is no doubt better then Robinho/cassano/pato! he makes plays, dribbles and finishes consistently. it will be a great signing for Milan and agree or not we need a player like him. A creative midfielder and Tevez is all we need to be feared immensely in CL and Seria A.

  15. No No No, our Attack is already good, Robinho just needs to work on his ability to finish (seriously!). We need a DM, and a CAM-Playmaker that’s young and GOOD. We should also try to work on Taiwo/Antonini/Didac some more.

  16. There is nothing wrong in Tevez joining Milan.He is that kind of player(excluding his over bloated ego)every coach wants to have in his team as he guarantees you goals and all round WORKRATE
    With Tevez in the squad it means we will have to start playing with three strikers upon the return of Cassano.
    I just hope El Sharawy isnt sacrife along the line.

  17. ……………….Abbiati…………………..




  18. I’ve been highly apprehensive about Tevez, but he does want a move to Milan. He’ll be our first Argentine since Hernan Crespo. The voices are strong that he will join us. I think he could help us greatly. Juventus doesn’t have a chance in signing him from us.

    Let me say… Ibra was offered huge wages from Man City, but declined. Tevez is offered huge wages from Juventus, and I’ll bet you he’ll decline. Juventus is not a team with a good future, and only relies on superficial performances as of late. I expect Tevez to join Milan.

  19. as good as he is, i think the money would be better spent on a good defender and/or playmaker. criscito and modric would be ideal but highly unlikely.

  20. If he want to joying Milan than he has to come to terms with our demands, but what we really need is Montolivo and if possible i ask from Berlusconi&Galiani To get Christian Eriksen in January. But i believe that milan need a new Gatusso, we need a game destroyer ( i would like to know your opinion and suggestions of who feet the bill?)

    • I agree! Milan needs a real destroyer in the midfield. De Rossi’s contract will expire at the end of this season! He is a great replacement, same goes for Khadira,Fernando Reges, or M’vila!

  21. It appears Juventus have rejected the idea of Tevez joining them. That’s good. Champions don’t go to loser teams like that one.

  22. If he comes to Milan coming January, I see an attacker leaving in June. It might be one of Robinho or Cassano. as Milan lab might have doubts over complete recovery of Cassano as he might be risking a lot by playing again and with the fear in mind he might not put up the same form he showed this season. Where as Robinho is wanted in Brazil and if he really doesn’t start performing in big matches, specially in CL than Milan might consider selling him for a good offer. I think Milan management might be keeping these facts in mind while going for TEVEZ as this opportunity might not arise come June.

    • No and no. Robinho has no reason to go, and you don’t cut off a player like Ca*ssano when they are recovering. He can play again trust me. That’s bogus. Nobody is leaving. And Pato is the one that needs to really start performing. Has it occurred to you he is the one that could be sold? The opportunity to go for Tevez might be one of low cost.

      • I really blame Barbara for Pato not making progress lately he is focusing too much in his relationship and not enough in Football.

  23. If Tevez come great! At least he works hard on the pitch. Maybe this will encourage Pato to work harder!

    Milan must concentrate on replacing MVB! He is not playing well this season and we dont have a good back.

    This is why Milan are conceding a lot of goals! We need a world class replacement! Someone who is not cup tied!


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