Highlights: AC Milan 2-3 FC Barcelona


AC MILAN’s 8-game unbeaten run has ended as FC Barcelona proved to be the better side at Stadio San Siro on Wednesday night. The highly-anticipated match did not disappoint the neutral fan and the goals feast started with a Milan player scoring a goal – but to the wrong net as Mark Van Bommel (14′) netted an own goal. Zlatan Ibrahimovic made it level (20′), but Lionel Messi made it 1-2 from the white spot (31′) after a controversial call from the referee. Kevin-Prince Boateng’s magical goal made things even again (54′) but Xavi scored the last goal which was the decisive one: 2-3 at the end of the thriller.


  1. We should av won that match by (1) when he introduce pato to the match he should av include urby.{2} imagine he knew that nesta has tired 15 minute before the third goal came in he should av remove him. he only played a formation he should av change the formation when we are in 2 2 imagine young player on the bench he using old people . I dont know wat is wrong with max

  2. Despite the result, I’m conviced that we are competitive. And Allegri have balls and brain to play this kind of football – but now, he dont have enough player for this. He played Seedorf this match because he have only this 2 creative midfilder (Aqua, and Clarence). Anyway, he played well.
    And from the start: we couldn’t imagine that Taiwo will be beaten by Zambrotta – who is far from his best.
    I’m happy about this match (except the result), because we played against the best. Last year, Allegri profited so much from the matches against Real – i hope he will manage it now too. Anyway, he was the first to try beat Barcelona with attacking play. We can be proud.

  3. Good news guys
    Positive talks in progress for Tevez to Milan. Im following it live on milannews and skysports24 now. His agents and Galliani have just finished talks and reports have it that Milan are looking for a free loan while City are requesting Milan to pay at least 40-60% of his salary (8M). The buy-out clause according to reports will be 20M Euro.

    • All this talk about UEFA supporting Barcelona is old talk. The fact remains Milan played well but it does not take anything away from the fact that barca are a wonderful team. they knew they had to beat milan away from their home to top the group and they did it. Milan needs to take the positives from this game and get stronger and not giving excuses bcos last time i checked if you strech your arm over a player in the box most ref will give a penalty. FORZA MILAN

      • lol
        they knew they had to beat chelsea to get to the final or semi (cant remember now xD) so they dived anywhere they could.
        They knew they had to beat inter to get into the final, but diving didn’t work although inter did get a red card.
        And finally. They became so good at diving that every 5 minutes there must be one barca player on the pitch pretending he is dying just so that the play stops, or to convince ref to give yellows.
        Yeah, they know their job. And for real? Back when Ronaldinho was there, it was pretty ok. Guly, Deco. They made the real Barca. now its a bunch of diving ladies. AND NO, THEY WERENT BETTER.

      • Hmmmm! what about the penalty we were denied?or the ball advantage the referee sabotaged with his whistle?Just tell me mr.philosopher.

  4. Great great game…despite the loss i feel like there’s something that has been achieved..we’re not far behind anyone in europe and one good signing should be good enough for us to progress ahead in CL..there are few points i want to note down-
    1. We have the two best CB and RB in the world the only area lacking is the LB..for which allegri needs to find an immidiate solution.,
    2. We have the best attack irrespective of the fact that we don’t have a world class terquartista..please get one in the january transfer window
    3. Midfield is way too slow for the pace of CL…van bommel is done as he is chasing the shadows of what he used to be…although seedorfs stil world clas he just cant play full 90 min. as it makes al the attacks & counters very much slow..one thought here is to move boateng in the mid and buy a good terquartista..aquaman is good but he need more xperience of such grand stages…
    Although game didnt went wel as we could have wanted it still give me belief that we’ve improved very very much..forza milan

  5. It was a great game. We played against d best coach, best team, and the best player ever in the history of football and we came out with our heads held high. Forza Milan!

  6. The story is Milan isn’t far off from Barcelona.

    I Milan need to upgrade the mid 3 or move Boateng back. I don’t know if Flamini will help or not I think he will. Seedorf, Zamborta, and even Nesta are three very old bodies to run out there against Barc.

    I’m surprise Tawio didin’t get a chance, it would have been interesting to see what he speed could have done against Barc.

    I’m not even against trying Ibra playing behind Robinho and Pato. Supported by Boateng, Noc, Flamini.

    I guess the big question is who do you Milan need to add in January to strengthen?

    • Wonderful game of football even tho we lost 🙁 . The San Siro was packed and it was beautiful.

      Disappointed not to see Pato play from the start. Good to see Ibra score against barca. Prince’s goal was well controlled and executed to perfection.

      Truth is barca are good but their defence and especially their goalie is woeful. Ac Milan are getting there but we do need 1 or 2 mids and 1 cb. All in all I am proud of our performance and I am sure we will get even better 🙂 .

      Forza Ibra
      Forza Prince
      Forza Rossoneri

      p.s. does anybody know how long Nesta is out for?

      • He said it wasn’t that serious and would be out the next game. Maybe the only game. There hasn’t been that much info on Nestas injury.

      • I don’t know if you had notice but, Barca were playing a 4-4-3! They only had 3-position defenders. So it doesn’t say too much about Milan’s attacking prows, if they cannot win on their own patch against a team that was basically playing with 3-defenders. Barca should’ve won 5 goals to 2 if they would’ve been more clinical on goal. Don’t really see Milan beating the top teams they will face in the knockout stage, but they’re a great team to watch non the less.

        • I think we would get about 5 goals too. 2 corners + robinho’s 100% chance. Seriously it was very even that night

        • What if Milan had been more clinical?We did lose goals too remember.And unscored ball is unaccounted for that’s why the one dat got into the net is called goal!!!

    • We need to add Monty + a LB (Santon or Crisito) and then finally Tevez or I’d prefer someone from south america (Oscar or Ganso) and the next time we meet barca (hopefully in the final) we will win! As we played extreamly well this time round, just wasnt enough but with these signings we will be on top!

  7. That’s not good news at all! 8m a year would be too much to make the move permanent with the tax rate in italy. Unless he takes a pay cut i don’t see milan signing him.

  8. Am still standing by my desicion, We shouldn’t sign him yet but Loan him, If he Impresses, then we can sign him.

  9. lost all respect for barca especially in the second half. way too much diving, and dirty play. cant wait to see them all cry when they get knocked out of cl. their time is up.

  10. An old outtake from an article in april 2011

    The clash between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona that is taking place on the 27th of April is going to be refereed by the worst referee of the Bundesleague (Germany): Wolfang Stark.

    This decision by the UEFA has been taken as bad, as players and staff from both teams are very concerned about the match quality level.

    This referee has even said publicly: “I would like for Messi to give me his t-shirt, it is a real pleadure to see him play.”

    The UEFA should take consideration in this statement, as he might turn out biased so Messi is so happy with the match, he will give him the t-shirt.

  11. Further more Wolfgang Stark was voted as Bundes leagues worst referee.
    We need referees like Pierluigi Collina. This is all bollocks.

  12. The stupid refree refused to award a penalty for a clear foul on Robinho and he was quick to award a soft penalty against us. ueafa never wanted us to win the group, but thank God that clubs like chelsea, man united and fc port might finish second in their group. we might be seeing barcelona vs man united in the second leg

  13. Great Game irreguardless of the result we showed class for a team that is still considered to me a team still far from completion I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again they {BARCA} were lucky

  14. the officiating was okay…we were lucky aquilani wasnt sent off. besides, there was no diving on the part of the barca players.


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