Ibrahimovic attacks Guardiola in autobiography


“YOU HAVE no balls… you can go to hell,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic told the Barca coach as revealed today.

As if the upcoming match against Barca in the Champions League wasn’t interesting enough… The first chapter of Ibrahimovic’s autobiography has been revealed today and some interesting quotes emerged.

Zlatan joined Milan from the Spanish Champions Barcelona and since has never been shy of his displeasure of having Pep Guardiola as his boss. In his new book, the Swede attacks the Barcelona boss.

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“Joining Barcelona was a childhood dream and I was walking on air. It started well but then Messi started to talk,” Ibra, 30-year-old, writes. “He wanted to play in the middle, not on the wing, so the system changed from 4-3-3 to 4-5-1. I was sacrificed and no longer had the freedom on the pitch I need to succeed.

“So I asked for a meeting with Guardiola – for a discussion, not an argument. I said I was being used in the wrong way and that they shouldn’t have bought me if they wanted another type of player. I told him what a friend had said to me – ‘you bought a Ferrari but drive it like a Fiat’,” the Milan striker adds in his book.

“The chat seemed to go well but then Guardiola started to freeze me out. I would walk into a room; he would leave. He would greet everyone by saying hello, but would ignore me. I had done a lot to adapt – the Barca players were like schoolboys, following the Coach blindly, whereas I was used to asking ‘why?’. I like guys who run red lights, not pedantic and strict rules. I tried to be overly nice, didn’t dare lose my temper.

“But after this I stopped trying to adapt. For example, at Barcelona, players were banned from driving their sports cars to training. I thought this was ridiculous – it was certainly not the club’s business what car I drive – so in April, before a match with Almeria, I drove my Ferrari Enzo to training and it caused a scene.”

The next incident took place after Barcelona’s semi-final exit in the Champions League, as Jose Mourinho’s Inter knocked them out. As reported by various media outlets, this is what Ibra has written of his “conversation” with Pep after the game: “(Guardiola) was staring at me and I lost it. I thought ‘there is my enemy, scratching his bald head’. I yelled to him: ‘you have no balls!’ And probably worse things than that. I added: ‘You are shitting yourself because of [Mourinho]. You can go to hell!’ I was completely mad.

“I threw a box full of training gear across the room, it crashed to the floor and Pep said nothing, just put stuff back in the box. I’m not violent, but if I were Guardiola I would have been frightened.”

Milan fans can only hope Ibrahimovic will get his revenge at the San Siro on November 23.


  1. I’ve read most of what plp have to say in the situation personally Idon’t care find it kinda childish, my view zlatan in way was right and wrong at the same time I understand his frustration but he went about it the wrong way cuz what he did just made him look stupid and pep did nothing I believe Pep prayed on his ego,and he {Zlatan}reacted Bitterly should of been more diplomatic.

    Now there are plp who say Pep is no Good I disagree he’s quite Good and he has quality and he’ll be an Icon for Barca as a coach as he was as a player he beat SAF twice in a finally tho I must say out of honesty Man u were fortunate to make it that far the second time around considering the team got easy fixtures to the final compared to Barca,strange enough most fans here are down grading him when after he won the champions league and he dedicate his victory to Maldini that says alot bout the man and Ibra when he was leaving Inter his first choice was Madrid he wanted to go there Barca was’nt in the books is because Barca wanted to get rid of eto the deal was possible and in my opinion Eto is and will always be better than Ibra and that’s a fact Mourihino said it and it’s true look what happened when they both moved that’s evidence enough

    In the End Zlatan is a milanista now He has the chance to make Pep regret that he sold him I want him to score what I post is the truth nothing else and I’ve been backing Milan since the Mid 90’s with Boboan and co. so i’m not a Johnny Come Lately so those who wanna give me thumbs down don’t care most of you don’t even Like Allegri I bet you if Pep was to Coach Milan and Zlatan was’nt here you wld say &%$# off Ibra is world Class but way to Arrogant but I want milan win not for Ibra’s sake but Cassano’s…Forza Milan!!!!

    • Why do you lie in your post. Mourinho never said so and he always praised Ibra very highly. Besides you dumb witted fool. You think Eto made the team at Inter, they got five players from selling Ibra including Sneijder with was proposed by Ibra himself. Sneijder was talked into signing for Inter. Ibra saw to it when he came back to Serie A that Eto was a mere footnote at Inter. For you praising Eto over Ibra and stating he is better and did something great and Inter “just” fell apart when Mourinho and Eto left is just bollocks. Ibra didn’t need Mourinho to trash Inter why would Eto need Mourinho. Eto is just a forward, Ibra is as complete as they come.

      I’ll leave you with this: “Between Ibra and Eto I will always choose Ibra over Eto for my team.” Signed Ronaldo fenômeno

      • I’m not lying Sammy with all due respect this what Jose said and I Quote “I don’t understand why would Barca want to get rid of a player like Eto for Ibra,to me Ibra is not better than Eto,besides I wanted Eto since I was at Chelsea” I’m not Lying Jose said in an article “I never wanted Sheva I wanted Eto” besides you say it as tho I’m an eto fan i’m not I’m just stating the facts from what I read calling me names is uncalled for shows your immature.

        Sammy who made more of an impact between the two? Eto did no doubt about it, that doesn’t make me a fan of the man It’s Reality it seems you can’t deal with it Zlatan Critize Italian Football when he went to Barca and I quote “Italian Football is Slow and too Defensive” this is a guy who critise the league that made him a star Bro all I can say is Forza Milan!!!

        • When Ibra played with Mourinho he was praised beyond beliefe and was said to be number 1. He didn’t wanna hurt Etos feelings by telling him he is s*** compared to Ibra. Because he was and still is.

          That is italian football in a nutshell. Only winning is sacred everything else is overrated. In Spain everyone has to put on a show before they win otherwise its a worthless game. Yeah and your point is what? That this is a false claim. And its not true. Give me a break.

          Ibra solely took Inter under his wing and gave them 3 scudettos they had been neglected for 17 years. Milan fell under the same protection last year. Thats strength. Ibra has also stood for 8 goals and 1 assist of Milans 14 goals in just 1 season. Where is Pato and all the other strikers to help out. Winning the CL isn’t a one man task. And you need some luck as well.

          What did Eto do for Inter while Ibra was playing in Milan. Simply nothing!!!

          BTW Eto was never the champ in Inter when Mourinho coached it was Diego Milito. He won CL best forward that year not Eto.

          It seems you have more underlying feelings for what Ibra has said on behalf of italian football. He is entitled to it. He has played it for six years and demonstrated it well. What have you done beside complaining.

          And ending with the fraze Forza Milan just puts more insult to your post.

          Ibra can criticize what ever he likes or whom ever he likes, he butchered Sacchi for god sake on Iive broadcast and no one said a damn thing. But Sacchi got the better of it and praised Ibra later on. So please spare me your thoughts on Ibra.

          • Whoa!!! slow down Sammy ok i’ve been watching Italian Football for 15 yrs and a milanista for all those yrs the Italian League at the time was the best and trust me if you watched the league those times you would’nt say that Ibra has no right to criticise a league that made him a star the problem with Ibra is his mouth you’ll never hear Kaka say those words or Sheva or any Milanista as a matter of fact he doing how it goes “Damning the Bridge he Crossed” his Attitude Stinks I like him as a Player I boast to my people bout his Abilities I Gloat to my friends who Surport Barca “David Villa is no where close to Ibra, Villa is a $#%^[email protected]# dog” they get pissed each time I say it.

            Now Eto is also arrogant to a point but Jose did say that bout the two you are right Ibra is as complete as they come but when it comes to speed and finishing Eto is the man they are both strong and they both can change a game Eto was on the madrid team alot of plp don’t know that but never got the chance cuz at the time you had Ronaldo and Co. they sold him to to either Malaga or Mallorca now there was a game against Barca when Rijkaard was the coach man you should of seen Eto played they lost 4 goals to 2 Eto scored the only two goals on the loosing team that game unbelievable he was the talk whole season when he reached Barcelona is when he took off Ibra was at Juventus at the time he himself was having a Field day when he and Del Piero Embrassed Real that season now they are both Champions one Domestic and one European but the Pundits sad to say Gives Eto more recognition especially where champions League is Concern you can’t deny that The only players who I would say at the time who was Better than them both to me for they were more Dominant Sheva,Raul,Henry,Van Nistelrooy & Inzaghi for their Exploits were both Domestic and European after them I would say Eto not Ibra…those are facts not opinions

            Last and not least Inter Fell on there Face because of Who Eto? No after Jose Got what he came for and left who was there coach? That Dog Benetiez!!!! so come on Plz look what he did to Liverpool the only reason why he beat milan in 05 cuz Ancelotti made a Tactical Error nothing else Ibra is a champion no doubt about it one but Eto is better I don’t like it one bit but that’s fact is like comparing Messi at 22 to our Pato who is 22 that arguement you’ll loose for messi has shown Glimpses of Brilliance but only soared when Pep Became Coach two Trebles in two years compared to 8 Domestic plus did Sweeden ever made a World Cup cuz of Ibra?Nope but Cameroon Played in a world cup cuz of Eto. Eto is Better as the saying Goes “Render to Ceasar to what belongs to Ceasar” Ibra is a milanista Eto is not so Ibra is my boy but i’m not Naive Eto is in fact better he contributed more and at a Big Stage Eto came out on Top Ibra has the time now to do this and this thing with Jose not wanting to hurt Eto Feelings is quite Ridiculas I’ve never heard Eto Complained of Being Tired Like Ibra Last Season but Eto has a Huge Ego as well for his Motivation is Money…lol and that’s a next thing Eto being African that champions League when they beat Man u for the first time where Eto scored and ran off slapping his hand they ask him after the why was that Gesture made “In Europe there’s no such thing as being Good as an African you have to be the Best you can be” he endured more against the odds for Europe Is Racist to the Core and I being of African Descent felt proud hearing those words, but doh get it twisted i’m not Racist but racism dwells in my country so I know how it feels and I have White and Black Footballers who considered to be my favorite so with all due respect sammy your claims are based on Ibra being a Milanista I like him even when he was at Ajax and Glad he’s here now but You Can’t beyond a Shadow of a Doubt Say Ibra is better that’s being Baised

        • Umm Eto’o didnt give Inter the Treble nor the UCL FFS he was playing as Wingback in some UCL Games.There was different factors on why Inter won it like Zanetti,Lucio,Sneijder,Milito etc. ask Inter Fans they will tell you this.
          Eto’o is more successful but nowhere near as good and that’s fact.

          • Nowhere as Good!!! man you people are crazy so his goals vs Chelsea are what luck? man I swear most of you here are so Ignorant and can’t seem to admit a pure striker at inter he played according to his coach that tells you to play as a wing back as he did admit what does that say about the player? Versatility of course and I got friends who are Inter Fans and they admit he did’nt score as he did with Barca but he’s pure Class,Bro with all due respect his goals changed alot of games apparently you’ve never seen him play over the yrs that’s why you talk so much Nonsense sorry but he’s as good as they come after Rual,Sheva,Van Niselrooy,Henry & Izaghi he’s after them..pffft I’m not suprised most of the fans in this Blog most of you Probably backed Milan in the Ancelotti Era!!! not b4 I grew up watching italian football at the age of 13 now i’m 28…sigh

    • Totally Agree with Black Milanista.

      Eto’o Guardiola is a good coach. Eto’o scored 37 in all competitions last season for inter. He is the reason they won the coppa italia last season while palermo played all over them. For me Ibra is a legend in terms of winning the league. But for me, Eto’o is a Champion in Europe just like Seedorf. Eto’o is also more diplomatic than ibra who seems to bery overly arrogant. I love both players. I was wishing that Milan get Eto’o to partner Ibra in attack. Eto’o is the type of player we are missing. But still glad to have ibra.

      • Comparing Eto’o with Seedorf is a huge insult to Seedorf.
        Eto’o is not diplomatic as all he’s a spoiled brat if anything how much he was frustrated by Abate in April.
        Also always saw him as a spoiled brat @ Barca who Ronaldinho made him look much better then he was.

      • Seedorf has won the CL with 4 different teams… pal. Eto’o isn’t anything like Seedorf. Eto’o is diplomatic? How so? Like the way he cut and run to Anzhi when they were offering the big bucks? Now his Anzhi team is in the dumps. Eto’o is a type of player we were missing? Why would we need him when we have Ibra and other strikers? Your priorities are all wrong.

        • Seedorf won the UCL with 3 different teams NOT 4! Ajax-1 time), Real Madrid-(1 time) and AC Milan-(twice)! Get your facts right!

          Eto’o is a better striker than Ibra both in league competition and Champions league. The records speaks for themselves! Ibra’s ONLY success is league titles!

          • Why don’t you get your facts right for once? You’re always wrong on everything else, little nicky. Eto’o isn’t a better striker then Ibra. Ibra is a guaranteed scudetto winner, while Eto’o isn’t.

          • Eto’o is a better striker but nowhere near as talented as Ibra.And Ibra’s winning Mentality is out of this world.

    • He dedicated his win to Maldini to gain sympathy im pretty sure he hates Maldini and all of Milan for thrashing him soo bad in 1994 Final he was even seen frustrated in the game when we scored the 3rd goal.

      • Sheva 7 he dedicated it cuz that’s his friend in real life and Maldini is a true champion, and they both played together if i’m not mistaken at milan Peps’ remaining days as a footballer he spent it in a Rossoneri Shirt,and Eto is not diplomatic my post was for zlatan the way he should of dealt with pep instead of throwing a Tantrum cuz when it reaches to the board who you think they would side with you have to be a professional that’s why Gattuso is serving a 5 match Ban for Joe Jordan is a Fool and a nobody but he’s an Instigator he Made Rino Loose his cool and also in 2006 who can forget Zidane headbutt cost france a a chance at winning there second world cup these are things you don’t do as an athlete cuz kids look up to you as a role model….Forza Milan!!

        • Umm no i hardly believe that becuz of a match they’re now BBF’s.Dont u dare ignore how Pep treated him like a kid.And he clearly blamed Ibra for losing to Inter im pretty sure of that.Also dont u dare say anything about Gattuso as Gattuso said they were talking in Scottish(Rino was 1 season in Scotland therefore he knows the Language) and Joe insulted him Nationally(what the reports said) and Joe shouldnt have standed in the line in the first place its against the rules.Also Gattuso only got 1 Red Card in European Competitions in his Entire Career ironically it was becuz of accidentally slapping Ibra xD when were playing vs Ajax.We all know what Materazzi said to Zidane if he would of said the same for your sister you would of probably headbutted him(or worse) too.

          • That’s a statement made based on Ignorance bro I play sports Amateur lvl ever heard of the term TRASH TALKING!!! where you get provoked to do something out of character that’s what it’s all about,and you don’t know me at all to make those claims I’ve been called all kind of things been called the N word and i’m an amateur at best never reacted out of the ordinary most I did was made a dirty played look like an accident not out of what they say to me but to Shut them up, and they are the one’s who reacted badly and get in trouble that’s what you call sports Inteligance I’ve seen Gattuso done that to Ballack in a Champions league match and guess what Ballack got Carded for it he was terrible after it throws them out of their game completely you don’t ever give in it’s also a mind thing what they [Zidane & Gattuso] did was awful should of done it differently but I can’t say it was worth it cuz though I’m an novice these plp have the world watching at them when you win is then you stick it to them

        • Well i dont know about you but if Materazzi said the same thing to me as he did to Zidane i would of beaten up Materazzi in the pitch right there.

          • That would cuz u to get fined or worse…sigh Bro i’m from the ghetto and where i’m frm you can get killed for making the wrong statements best walk away in sports it’s no different just do your talking on the field that’s all

  2. Tired of this argument . Il rather focus on milan vs catania . A match where we dont have a bench . I think dorf , aqua n mvb wil stat wit either binho or urby as cam .

  3. pasha.where did u get ur info on podolski.i luv im.hes a brilant player.hope he joins milan.nt 2 replace cassano.cassano has no replacement.

  4. Lol, what a bunch of bias sore losers on this blog! Ibra insulted his coach and people here are saying he did the right thing just because they hate pep’s success.

  5. Barca’s success is all down to pep. Some would say he inherited the squad from Rijkard but never considered the fact that the only 1st xi players 4rm rijkard line up are valdes, xavi, puyol n iniesta(who were not even world class then). The present Barca team is built around messi and peps lads from d b team. And pep was the one who brought alves, andriano, mascherano, cesc, villa, and Pique not Rijkard.

  6. I don’t like pep or barca. But am siding with pep on this one. I would rather build my team over a Messi who provide 25 as*ist and 40 goals per season than on an egocentric self proclaimed world best striker like ibra. Ibra can single handedly win a team scudetti’s but not active in cl. While messi is a beast on all front.

    • I totally agree. I love ibra but he is wayyy tooo arrogant and self-centered. He is certainly no where near the best striker in the world. But I appreciate his contribution.

      Almost guaranteed Scudetto
      Fantastic Goals
      Magical at times
      Helps out midfield
      Defends on Corners sometimes
      Great Physical Presence

      Bad luck in Champions League
      Scores only 1 out of about 4 clear chances
      Hot headed
      Causes dangerous Counter attacks with loose passes
      Needs the team to be centered around him

      • This is ridicoulous.Ibra is probably the selfless player i’ve ever seen i mean he always comes deep and tries to feed balls to Pato or Robinho instead of scoring himself.Go away please.

      • Funny… all those cons pretty much describe your own at-titude on this formation.

        He’s one of the least selfish players out there. You call him selfish and wanting the team centered around him, but then you talk about the as-sists he makes. The guy tracks back, puts himself on the line and plays until he’s exhausted… anybody who calls Ibra selfish doesn’t have the slightest clue. Pato is probably the most selfish player we have who refuses to pas-s to other players.

    • Messi would have his kneecaps replaced in a month if he ever tried Serie A. By the way he sucks in Argentina, that little prick couldn’t even hit a single goal in two tournament (World cup, Copa América) and he had over 50 finishes without a single goal. Messi doesn’t do shit in Barca. Their midfield is strong. If Milan had that midfield we would eat up Barca 1000 times over. And Pep is a smuck who has been awarded that team and thinks he has revolutionized Barca. No he was given a five star team.

      Like to see him raise a midlevel club to success. Or even Sevilla, Valencia against Barca in la liga. He would fail miserable you idiot. He has no tactics. Barca is like a playstation setup. Plug and and watch the game unfold on its self and then give your self pat on your back for a good job. A five year old child would have the same lineup day in day after. They are in so much debt buying world-class players and than you have the nerve to say Pep is a great coach LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mancini is doing the easy way and vacuuming everything that comes in his way. City 6-1 United. This is what Barca has been doing but Mancini just speeded up the process with a better result. Soon City will be overlords and you can join Pep in the unemployment queue and talk about the days you saw Ibra play football.

  7. Pep is an average coach! Sure! S. A. F is king in epl but got raped(twiced) by pep. Mourinho ‘the special one’ rulled portugal, England and won a Treble in italy but got his bigest defeat against pep. So yeah, i guess he’s average.

    • Exactly!!! He must be given some credit. He’s beaten Ferguson twice in the final. 1 in rome and 1 in England which was at home for Man U. Beat Madrid 6-2 at away and 5-0 at home. Definitely got his tactics right for those games.

      • Ferguson isnt a good coach.He’s a good manager.
        Manure squad is not as good as Barca’s.He didnt really employ any tactics he just played regular tiki-taka BS nothing else.

      • 6-2 wasn’t against Mourinho. And Mourinho had the better of Barcelona one time, and nearly did it again in the Super Copa… Madrid has been robbed numerous times against Barcelona in both the CL and the Supercopa. They’ve had players sent off for no reason. And some time ago I still remember the Barcelona-Chelsea game where Chelsea got robbed…

        And trust me I can’t stand either team. I’ve voiced my distaste for both teams.

    • SAF built United. United hadn’t won a single title since 1963-7 until the year 1993 when SAF entered. It even took SAF 4 years to win a title and it wasn’t a league title you moron. Do not compare SAF with Pep.

      Mourinho trashed Barca with his Inter because Pep didn’t now what to do when he was corned. He didn’t even use Ibra to overturn the result like Ibra did against Arsenal with his two goals.

      Milan faced Barca and we still at our own disadvantage managed to take draw back home. With Ibra on the pitch we could have broken Barca in pieces. Unless an UEFA official didn’t think Milan was to harsh and we ended up with several red cards like every opposite ends up with when facing Barca.

    • That doesnt mean anything.Milan and Juve were the 2 greatest spenders in 80’s and early 90’s and Serie A wasnt a 2 man league please F*ck off with your BS reasoning.

  8. Messi, xavi and Iniesta are school? If that’s what it take’s to be successful then why not. Kaka was a school boy and he wen’t on to win the cl and ballon d’or. Ibra learn to be a school boy or u will retire without the cl. Or u can be as red blooded as C.R7 and let ur football do the talking.

    • I knew this would have happened. I’m not Ghanaian but this is one of the reasons why I never liked Boateng. I appreciated his hattrick and other crucial goals and moments that benefited Milan but as a man he has a lot to learn. He always faked injury when ghana came calling. He used Ghana to market himself. He would have never been at Milan if he didnt play for ghana at World Cup. I don’t care about how many thumbs down I get from Giancarlo or anybody else. While this would benefit Milan, Ethically it was wrong.

      • Oh here we go again… Kylonita has opened her mouth again. You didn’t appreciate anything. You were voicing your hatred after Boateng scored that hat trick. As a man? He’s more of a man then you ever will be. He’s more of a person then you ever will be. He didn’t use Ghana to market anything. He had a dispute with the national team coach… who should be fired. It wasn’t ethically wrong. You know nothing about ethics.

      • He was already a Milan player before that debacle. And he was never injured when called upon. They never called him at all after the world cup, And then they spread rumors that they did. He later put wrote this on his twitter. Jesus christ. Go and read a book or fishing you are obviously way to confused to be talking about KPB.

  9. Zlatant needs to stop his messy arguments and past stories with Pep or whoever and start concentrating for Milan in CL. If he really wants to be remembered as a great footballer he must win the CL or people will always remember good striker who had always flopped in the big arena. He has to deliver in CL for Milan no alternative. He can say 1000 words about Pep but no one would care if he cannot win CL in his career. Come on Zlatan put your energy on something productive!

    • This was in a book. It’s an autobiography. He has a right to go into the messy details about everything because it’s a book. Nobody is forcing anybody to read it.

  10. And here goes the idi.ot again comparing Ibra to el fenomenon. What a joke u keep proving u are. Comparing ibra to a 3 times world player of the year. P.U.S.S.Y.

    • I was comparing him in the sense that they didnt win the UCL plus there are several amazing players that havent won a UCL and are still remembered today.

  11. So far am only being bashed by a confuse g.a.y goat who does not have the slightest idea about football so it’s like not being bashed at all. L.O.L

  12. Mr Goph, first off you don’t know anything about what is going on here. Boateng is definitely good enough for both Germany and Ghana. If his rich spoiled half brother Jerome Boateng can be called up and play for Germany (And he’s mediocre at best), I’m sure Kevin Prince could.

    The lack of logic by some here is astounding… but not surprising.

  13. Am very very sorry about my posts on this Article Mr Meytar. But I just couldn’t take their know it all attitude anymore. When they post they expect it to be respected openly as if they are always right, but when others post they just say all sort of disrespectful things toward the post.

  14. Lol. Here we go again. I don’t think am cut out 4 this, am better than this, argueing with u make’s no sense dude. Am going to start pretending i never saw u post hence forth. P.I.B left now u re looking 4 a new arguement bud. Huh giancarlo aka Rossoneri 26 (yeah i know) Lol.

  15. Pep is a Good Coach but Giancarlo & Co. is right he did indeed inherit a Good team Allegri has more work to do with a smaller budget so I would give him first preference over any big team coach but still alot of plp here critise him say he’s too defensive but you see where players has grown with confidence he uses them more thing most our senators are still on the team so he wld use them to give existing players rest so the line up at times wld be heart aching but to say he isn’t good is down right Disrespectfull but when he does build a team to his liking and I hope he does Big Teams will fear milan once again…lol

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day give our coach some time..he already got a draw out of barca with a Blueprint team what would happen when the team is complete, that why Inter Beat Barca cuz when Jose signed Snijder he said “I have what I need the final piece to the puzzle now I can win the champions league” and guess what he did but i’ll leave with this Barca time is running out Madrid is fast Closing in on them in Spain I believe the El Clasico if Barca loose it will be psycological one it cld affect there European Dominance but milan is the only team that could probably beat them to it on the 23rd of this month

    • What ever dude I don’t give a F. I didn’t have time to check my facts like you did when you took a dive through the wonders of wikipedia. I winged it. Are you proud of your self that you could use a keyboard and type in SAF?

      • I read the book. The quotes about Pep are in the introduction. The bulk of the book is about Zlatan, his youth, his philosophy, and his drive. I urge you all to read the book. It’s not what you think. Well, some of it will be what you think, but mostly it will give you a new insight into the bad boy of football.


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