The next signing is a Trequartista


KEVIN Prince Boateng’s fixed position for the coming season suggest a new Trequartista.

It seems Milan’s plan for the next signing has a role already chosen. The next player that Milan will probably acquire would be a trequartista.

Boateng has been currently being use as the one behind the two strikers, but not for long. In an interview by Corriere dello Sport, Boateng spoke about Allegri’s plans for him for the coming season. “The role of the trequartista I prefer to play, I enjoyed it but not for long.  Allegri has called me to tell me in the future I have to play in the midfield, either right or left.”

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This has given to rise that Milan are also seeking a playmaker apart from acquiring Montolivo or Aquilani. The possible targets that have been linked to Milan previously, currently have major obstacles to be reached. Still the popular target is the Brazilian Ganso, but his high release clause has discouraged Milan from making a move.

The other possibility would be the return of the prodigal son, Kaka from Spain. But the high taxes and large salary keep Milan from trying for Kaka. There is a possibility he might take a cut in his salary since he will have a difficult time to play in Madrid with all the new acquisitions.

Other recently targets have been that of the Danish Christian Eriksen. Recently he turned down a big offer from Manchester City to stay with his current club Ajax. Milan might have some trouble convincing the young starlet. Rest assure the final weeks of the transfer market will be intense for Milan.


  1. Galliani said “we won’t sign ibra, he’s too expensive”..he said “We have no interest in robinho”..”He said there is no plan to sign van bommel, there’s no truth in the speculation”…he said “cassano will not come to milan, the player does not interest us despite his ability”…..AND WHERE DID ALL THESE PLAYERS END UP??…guys galliani is the master of diversions! He works the market like no one else can…He understands the market and therefor he plays it in a way that benefits the club financially and practically! Last year we signed like Ibran robinho, cassano, MVB, yepes, boateng,Emanualson and all that cost us less than 40M…A club like Man City wouldve spent 50million on ibrahimovic allown becuse thats what his market value was…but galliani managed to get him for 24million (over three years)…Now I dnt understand how ppl can still say galliani is stingy, and all those negative things! Thanks to his market strategy he kept us out of debt and gave allegri a scudetto winning side! Who knows what is still to come…? Remember galliaini always makes the big blow in the final days of the market!!! (Ie: ibra, robinho)

    • another kaka fan boy…not seeing reality. reunions are never any good. kaka isn’t coming. with ibra he said “we’ll see” and “maybe”. with kaka he flat out says no. galliani understands that we need to move on.

  2. Florentino wants to give away Kaka because his wages are too expensive. He earns €10M and 100% of shirts sale. Kaka costs them €20M per year. Thats why he is willing to let go. He also wants to maintain good relationship with Galliani. So that in the future he can ask for Pato and Silva.

    This summer transfer is full of speculation. So its better that we wait until the end of this month.

    Me going to sleep. Tata Gian-gay-carlo.

    • kaka cost them 56 million genius. he’s not going to let him go for nothing. you’re just wrong. kaka would not play well with milan in a reunion. he would flop. ur math is all around by the way.

      i’m not giancarlo. goodbye homo boy.

    • You can’t argue with him, Rossonero26.

      He’s using his own made up beliefs and comparing them with your facts.

      He wins every time in his mind.

    • If i had a choice to return Kaka` and to give silva nad pato in a few year . . i would’t do it . . .

  3. Instead of calling galiani stingy…call him smart! Imagine you had a business…Wouldn’t u want someone like galliani running/directing it??
    Remember these guys know much more about the market than we do…they have a black book full of phone numbers of player agents lol…so they know what’s possable/not possable! I have faith in the project

  4. all you guys talk about is gay this and gay that. everyone knows that one dude is giancarlo and everybody knows pato is brilliant is an idiot. be patient people, go to a strip club or somthing, take your minds off this..

    • dude, giancarlo lives in one part of the US, and i live in another. so spare me the crap.

  5. facts or watever if u believe a Kaka return will help Milan in future not just next season ur dead wrong….we should go for Eriksen and make him play for Genoa to gain experience in Serie A (Co-ownership) and buy him back in 2012……also get Montolivo who can easily be a Trequartista

  6. Dude those “old” players are not going to play as much as they did last season…there’s a reason these players got extenstions…if you’ve been in a football team enviroment, than u will inderstand what role senior/experienced members have in a team and the effect they have on youth! Do u think we wouldve won the league if we didn’t have the likes of seedorf, gatusso, ambro and MVB in the team?..! Why did ryan giggs get offered an extention?…paul scholes was offer one too! Bt he turned it down and retired…ferguson knows that these players are good for the younger players! Senior players create a major atmosphere and ambience in a team! Arsenal’s lack of experienced players is probably the reason they can’t quite go all the way to win silverware! If these players were part of milan plans for the next few years do u think they wouldve been offered 1 YEAR extensions and REDUCED wages?…didn’t think so! Galliani is a master at what he does,,,so relax A GREAT player will arrive!

  7. whatever you do galliani dont forget half of the midfield are done we need fresh blood they can play with the greats before those players move on or retire,,,,, mark my words solid players will give us solid foundation,,,,, players in m’villa ,, ericson ,, montolivio ,, s.coats ,,toloi should be bought in asap..i dont want to wake up tommorow and i here how you guys want c.ronaldo or xavi or any other player who is out of our reach i really dont think you’ll pay for any of these big guns so talk is cheap deliver some kind of saftey to my beloved club p.s.danieli bonera out mayby if hes lucky he’ll get a chance to start at Blackpool even then i dont think Blackpool will want him aswell.

  8. erickson in m’villa in montolivio in coats in toloi in get rid of bonera oddo seedorf gattuso sorry but hes had his time FORZA MILAN FOREVER.

  9. all failing give club to someone whos going to invest youve done well getting cheap deals and now is time to do the buisness properly before all this fairplay bull***it kicks in dont forget this is the club of franco baresi paula maldini van baston shevchenco gullit sevichevic boban

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