Real Madrid to offer Higuain & Kaka in exchange for Ibrahimovic?


REAL MADRID are ready to offer Milan what they want, in order to bring Ibra at the Bernabeu.

After agreeing a deal with Santos’s star Neymar, Mourinho wants to buy another striker for the next year. The chosen one is Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with whom Mourinho has a great relationship as his coach.

The estimate between the two is known, together they have won a Scudetto with Inter and Ibrahimovic declared that he “would kill for Mourinho.”

A preview of Ganso
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“The Special One” wants him to return to Spain to win the League, and as known Ibrahimovic has a score to settle with Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola.

Calciomercatoseriea reports Real Madrid is ready to offer Kaka and Higuain to reach the Swedish footballer.

Milan’s CEO Galliani stated that he will give his best in efforts of Kaka’s return and could reopen the doors of Milanello to welcome the former star and Argentinian’s striker with French passport, Higuain, who could well fit in the offensive end of the new Milan.


  1. yes do it let them take ibra!!! we then get kaka and the argintine!!!! and we wont pay for them…. we can then buy ganso and our team will be so strong!

  2. with ibra,,we alredy win before game start.. everybody scare of him. strong, skillfull, can score in almost every angle situation of the ball. neither kaka or higuain can do that

  3. That’s surely a joke. We can buy Ibrahimovic for 24 million. Then exchange him with Barca’s biggest rival – for two players, who worth about 20 million each.
    Galliani wants to reduce the price of Ibra, I think.
    “We wont sell Ibra to Real, if we can get him for around 18” 🙂

  4. I would only give away ibra if they give us Kaka on loan with option to buy (*full price 25mil if fit for whole season and plays 50 matches otherwise 8-12mil :)) 2. Benzema on loan full price of 30mil if he scores 35 goals the whole season :), 3. Marcelo outright buy. 🙂

  5. id like to re-consider this issue, Higuain is great and Kaka’ always had a place in Milan’s heart. Speaking of which, Ibra is 29yrs if im not mistaken, and Higuain younger than Ibra and he has low salary. if this issue is true, ill accept this offer 🙂

  6. BUT Ibra runs around and assists too……that stupid higuain just waits for passss and through balls doesnt move around much!! He’s only a good finisher pretty much sucks at everything else

  7. i wil take that offer if we want to win the champions league..kaka is past is prime but remains when fit,he wil always dliver..and milan would hav won totenham if only we had higuain..our forward line lack positionin nd goal sense..

  8. y are u talking too much. let me handle this deal. c.ronaldo,de maria and marcelo for ibra+10k. deal or no deal?

  9. No need to is foolish idea.ibra bring cost and win thinking to milan.he is best cf in the world.kaka is legend but a finished talent and a fired star.remember beckham and dinho.and higuain cant play in italy

  10. well..i hope inzaghi stays fit bcos i knw this deal is not is not that stupid to do such..but if the offer comes,we should take it…and i hop paloschi provs himself

  11. My Opinion :
    Maybe Kaka + Di Maria –> Ibra.
    Let 1st team forward give to Pato & Cassano/Robinho

    It’s just my idea, it would be risk.

  12. dude..higuain can play in italy..italy is tactical..and milan plays total football..y do u tink inzaghi has been succesful??

  13. pls pls pls..ibra is not a God..he helped us win the league..but our defence made it posible..most of our matches wer won with a 1 goal margin..take sylva and abbiati out of that defence..we would av bn lyk 4th..den ibra would av bn sayn ‘he is bn over-used in the team’ that he wants madrid..smh..dont lets argue bou ds deal..its NOT posible!

  14. Guys,

    IBRA is not going anywhere. We wone Scudetto, due to his excellent efforts in first half of the season & deadly assists.

    He is the player who got Milan to the winning standards and the belief of Scudeeto. We all know his poor form in second half, but to Milan’s luck, when IBRA did not play good in second half, Milan conceeded least goals & lost less matches, improvising their last 10 years record in Serie A (second Half of the season).

    If Milan wants to win Champions league, IBRA is must, even though his form in CL is very very poor. This is one thing he is desperate to acheive.

    The most important part – IBRA cannot fit in REALs playing team, as where-ever IBRA has play’d & been sucessful, the game has to revolve round him. In REAL this is impossible that game will revolve round IBRA…
    We all know, in why in BARCA he failed & came to bench soon, cause BARCA play total football & game revolves more round in mid-field & wings…

    More or less Alegri’s style of play is very clear with IBRA an infulential player to Milan side, which had kept PIRLO on bench & forced him out of San Siro….

    It was heart-breaking for Milan fans….To replace IBRA is not possible & probably chaos in trequartista….

    GUYs believe me, if MILAN buys BASTEIN SWHNSTGR (since ESSIEN is set for REAL MDRD. move) & agree for terms with Ganso for December transfer…. Milan will win CLs surely….. IT will bring a total balance to Milan side & a strong team in all positions of game, ready to challenge likes of BARCA & REAL neck-to-neck, with the best attacking side.

    GANSO in second half, no HAMSIK or other small palyers who have poor EUROPEAN experience, will not be able us to compete the top Europeon league.

    • I totally agree with everything you’ve said.

      in this site i noticed that some people don’t use their brains.

      first its really stupid to sell your best player. i said it before if Ibra isn’t scoring he is assisting, its amazing to see that Ibra became a team player. and you want Kaka back? come on, he sold out and because he couldn’t find a place in Madrid he wants to come back , oh please… don’t get me wrong i love kaka and i know what he did for the club. But fans said farewell along time ago and its new blood now Ganso is coming so Kaka won’t have a place like in Madrid.

      all i hear is Kaka Kaka, thats it we have Pato Ibra Robinho and Cassano and Ganso is on the way, we don’t need him or that Higuain i didn’t mention him because he isn’t worth mentioning period.

  15. Well Ryan Ibra is actually older than Kaka, what do you want? An unexperienced 16 year old? I would exchange Ibra for Higuain and Kaka without a doubt. Ibra is wonderful but he fits better in a club couched by Mou, they are both equally spoiled, and there’s also CR9 and Ramos, one big family of divas…

  16. yes it is good deal to sign again recardo kaka oh is wonderfull if kaka return sansiro it good GHANIS for milan if they benifit


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