T. Silva: “Ganso wants Milan, we must sign him now”


PAULO HENRIQUE GANSO wants to move to AC Milan this summer, claims Thiago Silva.

Ganso seemed to be Milan’s No. 1 target but things have changed in recent weeks as following the injury of the youngster, Milan turned their intentions towards a left-midfielder signing and not a trequartista.

There are talks that Milan will sign the 21-year-old in January, but the Rossoneri defender Thiago Silva has urged Milan not to waste anytime and sign Ganso as soon as possible.

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“I talked to Ganso; he is recovering in record time from his muscle injury,” the Brazilian international is quoted as sating in Saturday’s edition of the Milan sport daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He wants to play the Copa America and wants to play at AC Milan. I read that the deal has been stopped. I read that he comes in December, but Ganso must be taken now. This is the right time.”

Santos are aware their Ganso wants to leave for Europe but keep saying that won’t consider bids for him.


  1. Yeah I agree but there are a great deal of bureaucratic and legal problems with his transfer. His contract is sliced up between several different parties… and Santos is proving a pain.

    i hope this can happen soon.

    BTW, another player we are linked to is Juraj Kucka. He is said to come in 2012, but I hope get him sooner. It’s possible he could come this summer.

  2. I want him to be in milan next year men before another team comes and snatch him up be wise gallini, forza milan.

  3. he wouldn’t play till january anyway.. and and if we get him i hope allegri can talk boateng and seedorf into playing left midfield.. they are both more suited for that role anyway.. ganso and cassano can rotate AMF spot after january..

  4. Silva was the one who was pleading Braida to sign David Luiz but his all efforts were in vain as he Chelsea got him. Now we should not do the same mistake like we did before. Lets kick out Taiwo and bring Ganso in summer.

    • so we can use bonera zambrotta and antonini again for a season at left back, be realistic we arent going to “kick out” taiwo, we do not reach agreements with one player and just “kick him out” thats stupid

    • We need Taiwo more than we need Ganso. The trequartista position can be covered nicely by Boateng while the LB had been our biggest weakness in years & Taiwo can be the solution to that.

  5. guys don’t forget taiwo doesnt have a french passport, and due to the new rules about one non eu player per season, we can’t get him, unless the rules are changed back or taiwo gets the passport

  6. Pato is Brilliant has some issues with Taiwo…u cant buy a player and kick him out 1 day ltr….ass…..and its good we didnt buy Luiz….he’s meant for EPL not Italy

  7. We can’t kick out Taiwo we gat no left full back who is better than him in Milan, he supports the attack and has pace plus an eye for crucial thunderous goals we need Taiwo u freeks.
    Get GANSO now and any other player to strengthern our suad and make us win the champions league next season. We need players who can play Barcelona, we need to reduce the deficit of trophies won by Madrid and overtake them

  8. I like Taiwo dont get me wrong guys. But I want Ganso to join Milan, badly. What if he join Inter in the summer? This would be so lame.

  9. Besides Taiwo had played in France for 6 years then why didnt he get EU passport? I hope his matter resolves soon, so that we can ponder swoop for Ganso in January.

  10. Milan have to buy Ganso. But does he have an EU-passports? And I’s not sure that Milan need a Attacking-mid. Since we’ve already got Boateng,Seedorf,Merkel,and even cassano, or Robinho. But I still think Milan need a more creative player in their team,because We could end-up being too defensive in the harder matches, then we would end-up playing long-balls to Ibra. If Milan get Ganso this summer, they should sell Cassano because he wont get any games if he stays.

    • Really? We don’t need an attacking mid? Seedorf, Merkel, Cassano and Robinho are not attacking midfielders. Seedorf doesn’t play good there. Merkel is not good yet for Milan (and was terrible for the primavera today against Roma).

      We really need to get Ganso. It’s really that simple.

  11. Ganso doesnt want to join Inter….and Inter doesnt want him….

    Inter are linked with Hamsik/Pastore/Sanchez…and i dont believe they’ll get any of ’em

  12. i think cassano can play attacking mid he is the most skillful italian, he can find that killer pass, and he also can score goals when in position. it may not be his natural position and i would prefer a player that has a little higher workrate but cassano is still underapreciated by milan fans i think and if he plays attacking mid and we are able to sign a top quality left sided midfielder we could be great

  13. Get him we need young players,d problem is he deos’t have EU passport just like Taiwo & is u can only sign 1 NON EU play in a season & Taiwo has already occupy d space

  14. I agree With ForzaMilan.

    Cassano can play in Attacking-mid. He’s got all the qualities to do so. Good passing, great vision, good dribbling, pretty good finishing and a great 1st touch. What else do you need. He’s played behind the ST’s in some matches. He does great link-up play with whoever’s in ST. And in some matches, he starts as a ST then he switches to Trequartista.Next season, when Cassano’s fitness will hopefully improve, he’ll start to impress Allegri with his work-rate…This means that Milan have Boateng, Robinho, and Cassano. Thats 3 good players. Oh yeah, Robinho has played as a Trequartista many times last season. A Trequartista can also drift onto the wings, and maybe cut-in. This is what Robinho’s job is. And he can do this successfully because he has a good work-rate. Thats why Allegri like’s boateng, he works hard, energetic, skillful, strong and he win’s the ball high-up the pitch.

  15. Well the classic No. 10 should have Speed, Vision, Passing, Finishing and ablility to win matches for teams single handedly.. All the names mentioned for AMF lack in one or two departments seedorf and cassano are way to slow and lack the flare, robinho is a deadful finisher, boateng lacks creativity and vision he plays way better in central mid field role.. This has been the most important position in our formation guys, remmember how miserabely we failed when kaka left, thats how important this position is, we need a complete player for this position and not just carry on with what we have already. Just look at how well ozil carries madrid he probably more important to them than ronaldo..

  16. No I want cassano, seedorf and robinho to be squad rotational players and it alot depends on form, fitness and alot of stuff if somewhere along the season cassano of binho or seedorf are in better form then ganso than why not ill play them over ganso any day…

  17. Now, it’s only Cassano, who can play that role. And we need a player right there. In the league, we can go up with Boateng, Van Bommel, Gattuso and Flamini, because of the character of the league. But in february int the CL, we can’t. We need creativity now, so after a left midfilder (i can’t say who), we need to buy a trequarista.

  18. All we a sayin is, Get us Ganso. Only his arrival can quicken recovery for pirlo’s departure. taiwo w’d b a good bargain, y throw him out. Milanista as long as my blood remains red.



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