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THE ROSSONERI’s lead at the top of Serie A was cut to just 3 points earlier today, as Milan succumbed to a 1-1 draw with Genoa, whilst Napoli won 2-0. Milan had taken the lead through Alexandre Pato, after a great ball from Ibrahimovic, but Genoa scored a fortunate goal in the dying minutes of the first half, to undeservedley go level. The second half was goalless, and so Milan failed to take all 3 points back to the San Siro.

Milan’s squad was still plagued by injuries, so Allegri fielded a 4-3-1-2, with Abbiati in goal, behind a somewhat makeshift back line of Bonera, Yepes, Thiago Silva and Massimo Oddo. In midfield, Van Bommel returned from suspension, with Mathieu Flamini and Gennaro Gattuso completing the combative trio. Meanwhile, Robinho and Ibrahimovic were once again joined by Pato to make up the attack.

In what as a fairly pacey opening, Milan had the first chance of the game just 3 minutes in. Bringing the ball down with his chest, Zlatan Ibrahimovic managed to turn former Milan defender kaladze, and chip the ball through for Robinho. However, the move wasn’t quite timed correctly, and Robinho found himself offside. Nonetheless, it was a good indicator of Milan’s eagerness to get forward, and the creative trio of Pato, Ibrahimovic and Robinho had made a seemingly bright start.

Cassano: ‘AC Milan can win everything’
Milan’s Champions League list

Just moments later, and Genoa were trying to ruffle Milan feathers. After some good work from january signing Konko, Floro Flores’ shot deflected off Gennaro Gattuso for a corner – Genoa maintained the pressure with a corner, but Floro Flores (who got there once again)  saw his shot fly wide.

Just short of the 10 minute mark, in a fairly end to end opening section of the match, Milan almost took the lead. After a ball wide from Oddo, Pato picked up the ball in space, and layed it off to Robinho. Robinho then played an excellent 1-2 with pato, to find himself in a bit of space inside the box, however, the ball was running away from goal and in order to get power in the shot, he struck it hard – but this meant the ball ended up going wide of the goal, after he sliced it.

With 20 minutes on the clock, the end to end style continued as Genoa came close to taking the lead. After an attack broke down, Genoa could break on the counter, and did with Criscito. Running down the left wing, Criscito managed to find Kucka inside in space! Kucka decided to touch the ball on, and ferociously struck it goalwards! The long range effort was on target, and seemed destined for the back of the net, but Christian Abbiati was up to the task, and managed to punch it over the crossbar.

Moments short of the half an hour mark, Milan finally took the lead! A long ball by Thiago Silva was played up towards Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but it was hit too long, however, it was a poor header back out from the Genoa defender – and Ibrahimovic managed to recover the ball. Ibrahimovic managed to turn around, delay a second, and then play an inch perfect ball around 2 genoa defenders, to pick out the oncoming Alexandre Pato – who took a touch, before slotting it coolly in to the bottom corner past Eduardo.

Very shortly after, Genoa were pressurising, and hoping to get back in to the game very quickly after conceding, but this almost lead to their downfall. Picking the ball up deep on the counter, Robinho wonderfully layed off the ball to Ibra with a brilliant flick, and he continued his run forward. Ibrahimovic spotted him, and played it through down the left flank, and Genoa were forced towards the left. This meant Pato was completely unmarked in the box, and Robinho intelligently played the ball in early to him, but after controlling it well, Dainelli made amends for his poor header out moments earlier, by putting in an outstanding block to deny Pato’s second.

Nearing the 4 minute mark, Milan came close to doubling their lead (and deservedly so) after winning the ball back, Gattuso managed to play the ball out wide, and shortly after Ibrahimovic beat Kaladze and played the ball to Pato. By drifting back, Ibrahimovic had created a huge gap in the Genoa defence, which Robinho ran in to – as Pato played him through, however, he was narrowly offside, and although the decision to put his flag up came late, the linesman was right to do so.

In stoppage time of the first half, Genoa struck a powerful blow. Genoa were pressing high up the field, and heading goalwards, when Daniele Bonera dived in to make an exceptional tackle to stop the move, however, the ball deflected very fortuitously to Antonio Floro Flores, who found himself free inside the box 1 on 1 with Christian Abbiati, and managed to place the ball low in to the bottom corner – meaning there was nothing Abbiati could do. Despite the way the ball got to him being very lucky, he took his goal very well, though Genoa didn’t deserve it.

The Rossoneri should easily have been in the lead at the half way mark, but after a bit of misfortune and the fact that they had failed to extend their 1 goal lead, they went in level with Genoa at half time.

The second half started off in a similar vain to the first, once again Milan were looking the better side and once again it was Milan who had the first chance. Moments after resuming the game, it was Robinho who the chance fell to – Genoa had their backs to the wall, and as Robinho got a sight of goal, marco Rossi dived in and made an excellent tackle, just before Robinho was able to pull the trigger. The scores remained level.

At the two-thirds way stage, Massimiliano Allegri decided to take off Robinho, and bring on Antonio Cassano.

10 minutes later, Milan once more came close to scoring, after Pato headed a looping ball back across the penalty area, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was first to the ball, but Eduardo was up to the task and saved well. The Rossoneri were dominating now, and won a few corners in short succession, but nothing much came of them, and no 1 chance from this period of time stood out in particular, whilst Genoa still threatened occasionally on the counter.

Despite Genoa beginning to dominate at this point – thriving under Milan’s need to get the ball forward, Milan really did have to go for it, so Allegri took off Mathiey Flamini, and brought on the more offensive minded Urby Emanuelson.

Genoa continued to dominate, and, there weren’t many real chances for Milan at all. At the start of injury time, Ibrahimovic knocked the ball down for Pato – but as the brazilian volleyed the ball in to the back of the net (for what would have been a very well worked goal) the whistle went – signalling that Ibrahimovic supposedly fouled the Genoa defender in the process of winning the knockdown.

The game ended 1-1. For all Milan deserved to be leading at half time (but weren’t) Genoa deserved to be winning in the second half (but weren’t) so overall a draw was a fair result. Taking Robinho off was not a wise move since his work rate and energy was missed between the lines and Milan struggled to create much once he was off the field, and Genoa did very well to not allow the Rossoneri time to make chances. You can’t help but feel though – if Antonio Floro Flores hadn’t scored that lucky goal, the result would’ve been very different.

Best Moment: Pato’s goal

Man of the Match: Hard to choose one tbh, Pretty much everyone was poor second half, compared to the first.

By Hefin Davies, Rossoneri Blog

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  1. Damn, Milan is getting more and more painful to watch. Out midfield is non-existing, out defence as always falling asleep – actually Bonera on the goal. He really needs to go. Flamini same thing. I think we lost today because of Allegri – this guy is a moron. Why does he keep putting Bonera in? I mean we would be better off playing with 10 men. Alsom why does he take off Robinho and puts Cassano in? Cassano is terrible and once again showed that he is not as good as everyone thinks. We are slowly but surely blowing out Scudetto chances – we are still first but playing like this, it will not lost too much longer.

  2. I think I’m still being generous to say this was probably the worst showing I’ve seen of Milan this season. Completely dysfunctional, the midfield was pretty much another layers of defense with horrible passing. MVB rebound gave Genora the goal and Gattuso and Oddo couldn’t send a cross correclty.

    I was most upset with Ibra for just standing there and yelling at everybody…I hope to see Cassano and Pato partner up once in a while. Ibra is fantastic, but today he should have been sub’ed at 70 minute or so.

  3. Also, why doesn’t Allegri put Didac Vilà instead of Oddo or Bonera? I thought they purchased that guy because he is good. Papastathopoulos was another option. I agree about Ibra – all he does is stand and yell at everyone.

  4. I am alive and kicking and watching Milan play ,as always Allegri has to be blamed, Team selection and tactics are the most important things and Allegri is not of Milan standard and never has been, yet again he and the restless Milan fans will complain and crib about injuries. sorry guys we have a competent IX but the coach doesnt have the guts or standard to play wonderful or winning football. He thrives on luck and expects Ibra to save him all the time.His true colors are showing off. If a big team like Milan cant beat Genoa then how are they going to win the treble. Stop dreaming and live in the real world.

  5. @Student,

    Thank you – finally someone agrees with me that Allegri is not for Milan. I have been saying that and everyone was saying- we are top of the table, this guy is a miracle maker. in reality we have team that can’t function and are hard to watch. It’s time for a big time coach who will be up to Milan standards.

  6. Can someone PLZZZZ explain to me WHAT is the need to play with 3 defensive midfielders, playing for a draw once in a while is ok but playing this ridiculous system week in week out is very very boring and FRUSTRATING to watch not to forget constantly playing those useless longs balls, and back passes all the TIME! am getting frustrated and fed up 🙁

  7. This match was painful to watch. I mean how many chances does Robinho needs to score? We could have won easily 3-1 today if Robinho was more clinical in front of goal.

    Everytime he is in a goal scoring position i FEEL Like I’m about to get a freaking HEART ATTACK! His finishing is horrendous and it is KILLING Milan scudetto hopes!

    Allegri should risk playing Cassano with Ibra and Pato more because Robinho’s finishing is killing our game.

    I’m trying to stay calm but either Robinho works on his finishing or give up his spot in the starting eleven to Cassano, (Pirlo or Boateng-when they are fit)!

    The team desparately needs a Trequartista like Kaka, Ganso, Arturo Vidal or Mario Goetze!

  8. @Mark.V Injuries to the midfield mainly. Pirlo out, KPB out, Seedorf only just fit, Merkel incredibly tired (back soon) etc

  9. Sorry HELFIN
    Pirlo didnt play against Catania and we won 2:0, dont take the injured players names please. Talk about the playing IX and how the coach handles them. Allegri’s substitutions are still bad. His formation and tactics are questionable,also Allegri cant bring the best out of any Creative player. he got Ronaldinho out and Pirlo under Allegri has never been the PIRLO he is and was. The biggest LOSS is the repect for Galliani, poor guy he is doing so much for the team and what does he get in return.

  10. @Student – it’s ‘HEFIN’ not ‘HELFIN’

    I’m not saying his subs were good, but if you don’t think Pirlo’s loss is a big one – we’ve played 8 games in January, getting 3 wins, 4 draws and a loss. That’s not a good record.

    Just because Milan have won without him, doesn’t mean he’s not lost when Milan lose without him.

  11. I miss Carlo Ancelotti. Milan should have never let him go – with this squad we would be 20 points ahead of everyone now.

  12. everyone on the team thought they were pirlo today…the entire attack was based on long passes, none of which ended up being any good

    i agree with others, we need pirlo and boateng back. the midfield is worthless on attack right now

  13. Sorry again HEFIN.
    Milan is not about Pirlo, he may be the most important player but he is not the only one. Allegri should have the brains and technic to form a winning IX without Pirlo, i dont beleive in records, Game by Game hour by hour minute by minute and second by second is what i think football is about. What difference will it make when Bonera is playing while Pirlo is around. The same squad under Ancelotti or Leo would have played scintillating football and won.We had IBRA today the saviour ,why didnt he save us today , do we mean to say he has run out of luck.Allegri doesnt have an idea of what football coaching is.Period !!!! he is a clown

  14. I’m not saying he’s the only one, I’m just saying that without him, Milan are not as strong, and are quite predictable – it will still be ok against some teams, but not against others.

    It din’t work today, it did against Catania (for example) Of course there are many factors, and I agree Allegri was wrong today with his subs, but let’s keep supporting him, after all, the name in 1st place on the table is currently Milan 😉

  15. Allegri, you are the biggest piece of shit as coach i ever seen. Look at your team, look at your players. Do you think this is cagliari? Get the fuck out of here.

    You are using 3 HOLDING/DEFENSIVE midfielders with BONERA as your left winger. OMFG. This team without a coach will do much better. Alleri you are the biggest hold back please resign. The reason why we are on top is IBRA not ALLEGRI. Allegri i hope you die in a car crash tomorrow.

  16. @shervin

    you are over-reacting man.u shouldn’t curse him like that.

    actually his main mistakes are playing bonera,3 defensive midfielders and choose wrong people to sub.pato should be subbed for cassano.robinho is the only our source of creativity.if we continue to drops more points then we won’t win scudetto.i’ve been waiting for many years since champions league glory 2007 for scudetto.Milan won’t win anything if we continue to play like this and i am FED UP!!!!!

  17. what do you guys want allegri to do.magically make all the injuries heal up?u guys always complain that seedorf is playing and for once he goes ahead and doesnt play him and everyone comnplains about squad selection. i would have like either seedorf or mekrle to come on butt those arer the only subs guys if you pay attention.and about bonera, who else?everyone is injured except for vila who has barerly trained.and the defense did not fall asleep today they did fantastic genoa had a very lucky goal.we lack creativity and pace with all the injuries.thats the only thing to it.go back as far as the roma game and when pirlo was on we dominated then he got injured and we couldnt get the ball up

  18. @ HEFIN
    It doesnt look good a bit on a brainy guy like you to say that we should support Allegri because Milan stands first in the table, you should be aware its just 3 points and if he repeats his curent performance once again , you know we start dropping.If Allegri makes smart decision and the team plays good football, I wont be complaining, but look at the team selection yourself and tell me how on earth can you support Allegri ,jeez for cripe’s sake I wouldnt even in my dreams stand by Allegri ,he is a disaster.

  19. At the end of the day, everything you said i all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

    So here are mine:

    IF at the end of the season Milan haven’t won the Scudetto, THEN Allegri should be blamed, but today managers are not given enough time, and for now, Milan lead Serie A and Allegri is still on course to win the title.

    You can’t forget the huge injury crisis at the moment, which will always have an impact too

  20. @milanista93

    tell me how im over-reacting? this guy is stupid as a donkey. u make one mistake, its ok. learn from it. allegri still thinks his right, ok make ur misstakes again, still lose? okey allegri make u were unlucky make ur misstakes again. WTF. how many matches does he have to ruin like this???

    First of all, since day one, he havnt NOT made one successfull sub. NOT ONE???

    Midfield, how the hell is he thinking playing 3 defensive midfielders??? He answer is hes SCARED of loosing. because a coach with this team cant lose like he does. Its even more pathetic when hes using this 3 defensive midfielders game after game and still loose. Allegri im sorry, ac milan is something i love with all my heart. its something i think of everyday. Seeing somebody dumb like you coach my team is unacceptable.

  21. Seriously , I have only one question to ask you and Mr. Allegri ? Why on Bonera was playing ? At least Oddo made some crosses, he can cross the ball , but he is terribly slow,full of missed passes . But Bonera is partially fault for the goal today and has been for at least 5/6 goals that I can recall this season. Does Allegri have special relation with Bonera ? Look at Sokratis , the guy had only one bad game and he was sidelined forever . I just dont understand this . Robinho was ok , but I must say Pato gives away ball far too

  22. Hi HEFIN
    no hard feelings , Debate in this blog is always a IF or BUT, even you say IF at the end of the season, Milan dont win then Blame Allegri, at that point i wont be using IF instead “I SAID SO” !!!!! is what i would blog here. Allegri is not new ,he is here from pre season ;Injury crisis, yes agreed .but he does have plenty others to field, You are ignoring the fact that Allegri tactically doesnt know how to link the backline to the midfield and that ultimately to the upfront.His team selection and strategy have been below par and that has cost us points so far ,this is not an IF ,it did happen this afternoon.

  23. winning the legue now depends on galliani, if he can sack allagari now better, no technics no plan B, not good in sub and in all a one man player. For christ saake milan are bigger than all these. Against genoa u saw how they r defending y not bring in cassano for flamini and get the goal then u can interchange.since dis year 8 convincin points u v cost us in ur mistakes. Am a die hard rossoneri but to be sincere if inter win roma to nigth forget d legue they wil win it.

  24. Come on Milan don’t throw it away, I know it’s cool to stay just ahead of everyone but I like to stay safe (call me old fashioned!) Hopefully this is a temporal thing, the summer will come and AC’s best will deliver with the sun on their backs – Robinho loves the warm weather! – Keep injecting youth, give Vila & Merkel more chances to prove their worth. Oh and sometimes, play Brazilian forwards in less important games to test out different strategies.

  25. @shervin

    i understand your feeling man.sorry dude for calling you taht.hopefully he will change the formation and our acm will glorious in the future.

    —abate—thiago silva——-nesta—-didac—-

  26. I do agree with Hefin, we must not get impatient. lets see what happens, Allegri still can ein the title. I am just as angry as everyone here because today we should have won. But I truly believe that if Robinho was more clinical in front of goal we would have won 3-1 at least. TWO good chances Robinho missed!

    I am not blaming Robinho entirely because the team must find ways to beat teams like Genoa and Lazio who are definitely not title challengers and that is all Allegri.

    But Robinho clearly should have done better and it is not the first time he has squandered some really CLEAR GOAL SCORING CHANCES in our games!

  27. why not try 4-3-2-1, that is what Carlo Ancelotti used.
    or use 4-2-3-1 because we are missing so many midfielders.

  28. Every time we tie or lose we have to throw the blame at some one. The team has a problem, the issue for not scoring is between the MDs and FWs. MDs don’t create the right pass/chance for FWs to score and when they do they miss. We need more organization and cooperation upfront. Passing is bad timing is bad between MDs and FWs, finishing is bad especially in the case of Robinho. We can’t blame Allegri for that, Allegri might share some responsibilities in subs, team selection, and maby formation. But there are issues with the team it’s self, the over all performance was bad today. Flamine and Gutozo run with no brains! MVB played well, Robinho too but infront of the goal he flunks. We have seen Milan play much better recently and in all departments but lately it is not the same Milan we know. I think the players should resolve the issues among themselves and have more understanding. Even if you change the coach the problem is still there; we have been droping silly points this must stop now. Forza Milan

  29. Allegri tactics comes down to building a big defensive wall with 3 DM,and shooting long balls to our forwards and hoping that they will solve the game based on their ocassionail creative spark(like today with ibra pass to pato). That’s all. And only sub that he is using is introducing cassano for robinho or pato if we are not leading.

  30. @ Milan Q8
    Our enemies had a major problem and they changed their coach ,look what happened. What happens in the team training ground reflects on the field. But i dont understand when you say the players should resolve the issue, What issue can BONERA really have starting for Milan all the time. how can a coach play 3 defensive midfielders and expect to attack, its not players issue, its a strategy issue, actually the players have lost confident and look lost ,you can see it in their body language.Allegri cannot motivate the team.

  31. i think we need creative midfielder, playmaker type. lack of creativity in midfield and another Bonera show, Bonera is opponent’s 12th man, if Bonera play it’s like 10 vs 12, man! please someone break his foot!

  32. @Berlusconi – Do you have other alternatives than those defensive meadfeilders having all these injuries ? Our enemies are conseeding alot of goals when you have a better defense but you score less. It’s Alegrrie’s strategy that brought us to the top of the table, what we are missing is a creative AM/play maker to support our attack. Our match with Lazio was a good one but we were unlucky, and the one before that at Tim Cup was a good one too. The existing strategy is due to having injured players, you need AMs to support the FW but unfortunately they are not available. You will see Sedorf play in the upcoming games for his experience, although he is a respectful player but sometimes can be a flube. We need more cooperation upfront between the attack. Pato needs to work with Ibra and not just with Robinho. Ibra who may have an attutude sometimes but he is being a team player and Pato needs to do the same. Forza Milan

  33. i cant believe Milan can not go pass Kaladze!!!!
    that’s all i want to say..
    i can not be happy because Yepes can cover the defense very well, because he is veteran already!
    Last half of the season indeed is interesting to be seen by football pundits, but quite scary for the fans!!!
    -Allegri should start to find another reason others than team’s injuries and statement like: “we wanted to win, but…”-

  34. Agree! Does somebody lives in italy? Pay allegri a visit. Even if we won this game by 1-0 or 2-0 what is this? Do you call milans play entertaining? Milan plays more booring every match. Allegri dumped dinho for finding the so called BALANCE. You playing with 3 defensive midfielders and still you can’t find your god damn balance. you cant even locate ur own organ.

  35. next five matches r crucial if we can win all 5 there is a 90% chance to win scudetto tips – dont play bonera instead play didac , play attacking not slow defensive

  36. I think Allegri should have subbed Pato instead of Robinho because the whole game over Pato didnt really exploited the gaps and he didnt work right, in my opinion. He was mostly in the way of most of the players instead of breaking up the defence of genoa. It’s just my opinion for this game maybe he’ll change but that’s what i’ve noticed from the games he has played so far.

    Watch him next time and let me know if you guys agree!

  37. @Alessandro

    Are you aware we are playing tottenham in champions league the 15th feb?? You want robinho with his killing touch to shine against a fast young tottenham?
    Pato have to be in form against tottemham, and hes not fidning form at the bench.

    Your post is as useless as allegris tacticts

  38. @ Shervin

    Are you aware that Bale has issues and is likely not to play, as well as VdV? Modric has some issues as well so i doubt they will be the same team that played against Inter. Also, are you saying that players waiting for the ball to come will help the team a lot? We need players who support the midfield and I even believe that Ibra is doing more for the team than Pato does.


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